How are you today? I hope you are doing great. How did your Christmas go? I hope your celebrations went well. The Christmas celebrations and thankfulness continue even as we countdown to the end of the year.
As the end of the year approaches, you are probably asking yourself, “Was this a successful year?”, “What were my achievements this year?”. This is pretty normal ;it is okay to take a look at the past and compare to the present. It lets you see how far you’ve come. But when you do this and you realize you didn’t reach your goals, or meet up to your expectations, don’t beat yourself over this. Instead, look deeply and ask yourself questions as to why your plans didn’t work out or why things fell out of place. When you do this, try to give yourself honest and open answers. This exercise not only helps you to see where you’ve made mistakes, it also helps you to figure out what worked best for you.
In preparation for the approaching new year, carry out this little exercise;
Find a quiet corner/space, (I strongly recommend that you get a notebook or paper and pen for this) and try to reflect on the happenings of the year. Record your achievements this year and ask yourself, “What were those things I did to accomplish all these?”. Put this down in your notebook or paper. After this, reflect again on the past, this time taking notes of your setbacks and failures. Again ask yourself questions pertaining to why you didn’t get the desired results. Take a hard look at your habits, find out which ones earned you benefits, and which ones prevented or stopped you from reaching your goals. Doing this makes you see and note the areas where you need to and can make necessary adjustments, thereby improving yourself. It will also help you to realize your mistakes and know how to avoid repeating them. Knowing all of this will help you to prepare yourself for a better and more successful life in the following year.

The new year is a new beginning and another chance for you to get it right. You just have to be willing to do your best in getting right this time.


P.S: Please remember that sometimes hard work doesn’t guarantee success. But then again, if you do not work hard, you are sure to fail. It is better to go with the first option.






Busy sidewalks, city sidewalks,
Dressed in holiday style,
In the air there’s a feeling of Christmas children laughing, people passing,
Meeting smile after smile,
And on every street corner you’ll hear.. Silver bells, silver bells
It’s Christmas time in the city
Rina-a-ling, hear them ring,
Soon it will be Christmas day. “
This song wafts into consciousness reminding one of the approaching Christmas.

Hello guys!
It’s that time of the year again! What time is it? It’s Christmas time! Are you ready for Christmas?
Christmas is one of my favourite time of the year, not only because I was born around the period surrounding the festivity, but because it’s always filled with so much joy and happiness. Whether you are celebrating a secular or religious Christmas, it’s the time that just seems to be filled with so much cheer. Children especially not only get to attend Christmas parties, but are sure to receive lots of gifts.
As we grow older though, it appears we begin to feel less excited about Christmas. I still do not know why this is so, but I think it can be attributed to the fact that we have so many responsibilities now as young adults. Due to this, we no longer see the fun in Christmas. But you shouldn’t feel this way,just because you are older now with a lot on your plate doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your Christmas.
If you are one of those who has lost the spirit of Christmas, do not feel sad and unhappy… here are some tips I gathered to help you make the best of your Christmas:

Spread joy : Anywhere you find yourself, be happy. When you hear Christmas songs, sing along. If you don’t know the lyrics, hum to the tune. Don’t be shy. This act not only helps you spread joy and happiness, you also enjoy every bit of it. Wish others a Merry Christmas (be mindful of who you say this to, not everyone celebrates Christmas). If you are not sure whether or not the other party celebrates Christmas, just go with “Happy holidays”. It’ll cost you nothing, plus it’s a way of engaging in an interesting conversation.

Relive the old times: Allow yourself to be a child again. Whatever you did as a child from going to Christmas parties just so you could see Santa Claus (Father Christmas), to getting yourself some new pieces for your wardrobe and even visiting that favourite aunt of yours, just to have a feel of her special Christmas dish, can be done.

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate: Add life to your Christmas. Get Christmas lights and put them around your house. Set up a tree and wrap it in lights and other ornaments. Try to be creative in your decoration.

Visit friends and family : The day of Christmas is a national no work day(except for some medical personnel and the likes). So take advantage of this time and visit friends and family. Try to enjoy each other’s company by engaging in fun activities.

You could also invite friends and family for the above.

Make videos and take lots of pictures with family and friends :this helps you store memories which you can always look back to and smile.

Watch Christmas movies: you could organize a movie night during which you invite friends and family over. Serve drinks and popcorn just like they do in the movies. If you want to save yourself the stress of doing this, then organize an outing to the movies with friends and family.

Do a generous act: the Christmas spirit is all about giving. Spread love by visiting an orphanage home and give them things. If you do not have money, you could give out some of the things you no longer need.

Reflect on the reason for Christmas : if you are not sure about it, why not do some research. In the Bible, you find the Christmas story in the gospel. Consider reading the chapters both to yourself and to family members as part of your Christmas.

Prepare food for the poor and needy: this could be done for those in the hospitals, cells, prisons and on the street.

Give to others: whether to your family and friends or to the less fortunate, spend some Christmas time giving. Gifts don’t have to be expensive, sometimes, just being by a person’s side, giving them words of love, encouragement, and support helps. We give in remembrance of the gifts of the three wise men to the saviour. Most importantly, we give because Christ first gave to us.

Spend time quietly being thankful for the gift of Jesus : Christmas is the day that we as Christians have set aside to celebrate the beginning of the greatest gift mankind ever received, so have a grateful heart.

Please be aware that some people can find Christmas time really hard, especially if a loved one is terribly ill, just died or there’s some family problem going on. For such people, do your best to comfort them and include them in your wishes.

Remember, your Christmas may not have white snow, or a huge pile of presents, or a wonderful choir singing Christmas carols at your doorstep, but your Christmas celebration and thankfulness is all that is required to properly celebrate.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the elliedailyblog to you. 🎅🎁🎅🎁🎅🎁

Throwback Thursday: picture of me from last year's Christmas


They ridiculed her about not having a lover. They made her feel out of place. They made her understand she was an outcast in their midst. They gave her the impression that she was the weird one, because she didn’t receive calls or text messages from that special someone. Because she remained all by herself when they went out on dates. They were of the opinion that she was a complete wreck, and no person in their right senses would consider her a life partner. What they did not  understand was that, for every being on earth, there was a time for everything…

A time to be born,
A time to triumph,
A time to suffer defeat,
A time to be merry,
A time to be sad,
A time to shed tears,
A time for loud laughs,
A time to love,
A time to be loved,
A time for this,
A time for that,
and a time to die.

It was her time now. The loser, now a winner. The unhappy one was now full of smiles. The lonely one now had a person to spend time with. She had learned to love;by being alone most times, she learnt self-love, now it was her turn to be loved.

There are times we find ourselves wishing for the things others have that we do not have. Sometimes we feel we do not fit in because we do not meet up to the expectations of others. When we continously hope for these things and when they aren’t forthcoming, we tend to lose our faith. We forget that life might have a better offer. Have you stopped to think that maybe we don’t receive these things as soon as we want them because life feels we are not ready for them. We might not be as prepared as we ought to be for us to handle these things.
So don’t be in a hurry, enjoy the journey, no matter how bumpy the road maybe. Be grateful for the flat tyres, they’re life’s way of teaching you to always have a spare tyre.Do not grumble when you run out of gas, next time you know you have to be prepared for this. Do not complain each time it rains, for it is only after it the sun shines. Do not lament each time you see the traffic lights come up, not only do they teach you patience, but also let you know when to stop, get ready and go on with your ride. All of these things are temporary setbacks and help in preparing you for the next step.Observe all in the rules life has set and be grateful for all things, because everything that happens at the times, do so for a reason.
We all have our TIME TO SHINE.





“… the new Pepsi long throat bottle, that satisfies everyone, now 20 % extra at the same price. Blah, blah, blah… ” (I think that’s how the advert goes.)
I believe most of us are familiar with the recent Pepsi advert. You might have seen or heard it on your TV and radio stations. And for those who do not do any of the above, you should have come across it on billboards, in posters and magazines. The social media addicts should be conversant with the trending hash tag #thingsilongthroatfor.
Companies would do anything to promote their brands. Billions of naira are spent on advertising and marketing these products everywhere. My favourite Pepsi advert is the one that has this random guy ordering for a ridiculously large-sized portion of meal, accompanying it with the Pepsi long throat bottle, only realising afterwards that he wasn’t satisfied. Then he goes ahead to ask for more food. I expected him to ask for another bottle of Pepsi. The advert in all was a funny one for me. After repeatedly hearing and listening to these adverts, I had this bugging question that dwelt for so long in my mind :”Do you think the size of sugary drinks has gotten out of hand? “.
” Now 20%extra at the same price “. This sounded like the voice was telling me,” Tired of life? Want a fast route to hell? We at Pepsi now have the solution. Here’s more sugar

Picture source:instagram

for you at the same price “. I like soft drinks. I find them really refreshing, especially after having walked a long distance on a hot and humid afternoon, after being at work for several hours and now feeling tired or when I’m stuck in Lagos traffic. The magic of the fizz seems to soothe ones nerves and mind at such times. Most of us take soft drinks. Some drink more than others. Here are some of the reasons we love these beverages:

It’s very tasty – The taste could be one thing that gets us addicted to drinking carbonated drinks. It is delicious. In fact, it is so good that many people drink it with every meal.

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It’s everywhere – even if you want to drink something else, you would be hard pressed to find it as prominently displayed in a vending machine, at fast-food restaurants, supermarket checkouts and in parties. You might not realize how ubiquitous coke, pepsi and the likes are in our society until you try to stop taking these beverages.

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“Grab and go! “-the most addictive thing about soft drinks is the convenience. If you want something quick or are in a hurry, it’s so easy to grab and convenient to drink.

Promotion and Advertising – Soft drinks are heavily consumed in part because companies promote their brands vigorously. Coca-Cola for instance had the “Shareacokewith” trend going for them. This lured potential buyers as everyone wanted their names on the label. The products are marketed everywhere;stores, restaurants, petrol stations, malls and even schools. You find their logos in every shop and on every street. They go as far as sponsoring TV programs. This makes them really valued and accepted by the unthinking masses and even animals.

Picture source:google
Picture source:google

It is cheap! – Soft drinks are pretty inexpensive when compared with fruit juice and milk. And what’s more, the likes of Pepsi (Nigeria) is making it even cheaper.

Picture source:google

Habit/Addiction – For some people, drinking several bottles of soft drinks a day is a force of habit. You know drinking beverages is a habit when you find yourself wanting to go to a nearby store or kiosk at 10:30pm,just to have a drink.

Thirst-  People often drink it to quench thirst, especially in a hot climate like ours.

Now sugar may be sweet, but the health effects of sugar consumption are definitely not. Drinking large amounts of sugar can lead to serious health problems. Sugar drinking causes health issues on a scale similar to cigarette smoking, but surprisingly receives less negative attention. The most common of these health problems are obesity, diabetes, tooth decay and heart diseases. The other major problem being “ADDICTION”. it’s pretty bad when someone can compare themselves to an alcoholic because they like to drink carbonated drinks. You know something is wrong and needs to be changed when it gets to that. I feel bad for thousands of people addicted to soft drinks. Sugary drinks, including the diet versions;which claim to have no added sugar and can keep a check on the weight factor, leave an overall lower dietary quality. Also, study has shown that people who drink sugary drinks do not feel as good as someone who had eaten the same amount of calories from solid food. We can’t blame the guy in the Pepsi advert for requesting for a huge portion, despite having his Pepsi long throat bottle.

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If you are reading this article, there are certain facts you should know before putting your lips to another bottle or can of soft drink.

To start with, Soft drinks are useless. There are no nutritional components in soft drinks. Soft drinks mostly consist of filtered water and refined sugar. Before you grab the next bottle consider this;

“The average 12 ounce Cola drink contains 9 teaspoons of sugar. “

Picture source:google

“One can of soda contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar, 150 calories, 30 to 55mg of caffeine and is loaded with artificial food colours. “

Picture source:google

This alarming amount of sugar, calories and harmful addictives in a product that has absolutely no nutritional benefit. Yet, the soft drink market in Nigeria continues to bloom. Nigeria has the been and is still Coca-Cola’s largest market in Africa,with teenagers and children being the largest consumers.

Weight gain- several scientific studies have provided experimental evidence that soft drinks are directly related to weight gain. Sugary foods are full of calories, yet will do little or nothing to satiate your hunger. Study has shown decreasing or increasing ones sugar consumption shows corresponding changes in body weight. Want to lose weight? Cutting your sugar intake is a good way to start.

Picture source:google

Diabetes- with diabetic rates flying everyday, I think one should limit their level of sugar consumption. Drinking lots of soft drinks is not only associated with weight gain, but with type 2 diabetes.

Reduced bone strength – it has been reported that women who consumed regular and diet coke tend to have weaker hip bones than those who don’t. Also, high soft drink consumption in children poses a significant risk factor for impaired calcification of growing bones. Researchers say that the degree of bone weakness correlates to the amount of beverage consumed.

Tooth decay / Cavities – trust your dentist on this one. Sugar is such an enemy to dental health. The connection between sugar and cavities is perhaps the best established. Tooth decay occurs when “bacteria” that live in the teeth feed on simple sugars, creating an acid that destroys the enamel. A cavity is formed when erosion of the enamel exposes the soft, inner core of your tooth. When you drink carbonated drinks, the sugar remains in your mouth promoting the process that leads to tooth decay. The acid in these drinks further increase the likelihood of developing cavities, as the chemicals slowly erode the enamel of your teeth.

Obesity – one of the most cited risk of sugar consumption. Taking sugary sweetened, carbonated drinks adds calories to your diet, which may increase your risk of being overweight. And study has shown that this risk is greater for women than men and for adults when compared to children and adolescents. Obesity is also a significant risk factor for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

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Nutritional Deficiencies – if you are consuming lots of sugar, chances are you are skipping other things you should be eating instead. Soft drinks displace milk and juice in children and this contributes to nutritional deficiencies. Drinking these beverages may reduce ones consumption of protein, starch, dietary fiber and vitamins. People who drink soft drinks a lot tend to eat less when compared to those who do not.

Belching – carbonated drinks contain dissolved carbon dioxide, which becomes a gas when it warms to your body temperature in your stomach. Consuming these drinks may cause repeated belching as your stomach stretches from the accumulation of carbon dioxide gas. Food and stomach acid may come up your food pipe as you belch, causing heartburn and a sour taste in the mouth.

Addiction – researchers have observed that occasional sugar drinking consumption can lead to behavioural changes that resemble the effects of a substance of abuse. This finding was based on a study involving sugar-addled rats displaying craving and withdrawal behaviour.

These problems could raise our number of hospital visits. Knowing this, don’t you think the government has a role to play in deciding the size of sugary drinks? I think the amount of sugar consumed should be in control. The intake should be limited, especially for children. Limiting drink size can increase mindful eating and it helps in paying attention to what you are buying.

Many of these companies use manipulation to lure potential buyers, not honesty. Manufacturers will print anything on a label if it meant more money in their pockets. Take for instance, the introduction of the diet versions of these beverages –  these versions claim to have no added sugar. This is believed to keep the weight gain in check. Because of this teenagers and women especially consume this product ever more than before. In real truth, most of these drinks labeled “light”, “low-fat”, “zero” or “diet” actually contain more sugar. By taking one main ingredient out of a food, a bunch of other ingredients have to be added.

Picture source:google
Picture source:google
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Our government maintains control over other things. Why not the misleading or manipulation from big companies? Is our government doing what’s right for us?

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control(NAFDAC), The Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) and also the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)  limit what kinds of Medicine people can take. How much “bacteria” is allowed in the food. What kinds of chemicals are allowed in foods and medicines, etc. These bodies are put in place for a reason. That reason is to keep people safe. So the government can improve public health by also limiting the size of sugary drinks people consume.
To some we have the right to drink whatever we want, after all, it’s our bodies and government shouldn’t tell us what to and what not to drink.

Soft drinks are like drugs that are dirt cheap, highly addictive, totally legal and could be sold readily to the people, especially children who become hooked for the rest of their lives. They are like cigarettes, but without the bad press. “

So you see, the health of our peers are at risk here. If we try to reduce the amounts, we could help save so many children and adults from these health problems. Diabetes, Obesity and many other problems aren’t good for our body. They could be so bad and even lead to death. We can and should save people from these pathetic occurrence.

Now that this has been addressed, there are things to do. PROVIDE MORE WATER. Water is one of the most inexpensive things, it flows in rivers and streams. Most of which is natural. We have our freedom rights, but we also have consequences because of those rights. We need to own up to the damage we have and are doing to our health.

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A glass of cold water is less attractive but a much healthier and better choice in terms of survival. It’s always better to prevent than cure.

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The New York times



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Secrets are a fact of life. We all have secrets. The challenge most times is keeping them. When a friend tells us something in confidence, it’s because he/she trusts us enough to listen and also to keep our mouths shut. And what happens when we don’t?. Trust is lost. The relationship is destroyed. We need to be careful in revealing a secret about someone, as a person’s health and safety might be at risk.


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Why do we keep secrets? Some of us worry that if a certain information is known, we will be judged or someone might use it against us. But it’s so hard to keep a secret that it sometimes causes stress. In really worst cases, it could lead to short term mental health illnesses. This is why some people share it with others. Asides that, the other person may have an opportunity to help you in the way you least expect.


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Most people have at least a friend or two they rely on enough to trust with any secret. This means that the other people also have someone they trust to tell their secret…and the circle continues round people who trust each other not to retell the secret.

Revealing a person’s secret could be both harmful and unharmful. It all depends on the nature of the secret being told. For instance, if you planned a surprise birthday party for a friend, and it got out to the person before the due date, this might not necessarily cause harm to anyone. On the other hand, if a secret about a friend or family member, concerning his or her health or safety ;drug-related, sex life, an abortion, is told, this could cause the person pain. The person would be left feeling either scared, uncomfortable, sad or angry.


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How then can one do the trustworthy thing of keeping such piece of information? There are some simple rules to live by for you to do this. They may not work it out entirely, but it is sure to help you get through the process.

Keeping someone else’s secrets:
Try to know how serious the secret is before hearing it. Find out if it’s “little” or “big”. This lets you know how important it is that you keep the secret. Make sure you give undivided attention to the person sharing the secret. Ask how long you must keep it. Find out if you are allowed to share with others; your partner or siblings. Don’t bring up related topics in a conversation as you might be tempted to tell the second. If possible, change the conversation. Do this casually so the other person doesn’t notice that you are hiding something. Act like you don’t know anything or better still, be honest about it, even if you admit you know something, let them know you are not sharing. If you know you are really bad at secrets, stop the person from telling you. The person in turn will appreciate your honesty.

Keeping your own secrets:
Decide how long you want to keep it a secret. It depends on the type of secret. Some secrets have end points or deadlines, e.g, a pregnancy or a Christmas gift. Others might not have end points, and you will have to decide when you are ready to tell people. If you feel emotionally worn out by the secret, try waiting for a brief period of time before you tell. You may regret telling it immediately. Giving yourself a few days to think it through can help you to not only calm down, but also make rational decisions about when and who to tell it to. If it’s a serious secret, make out a plan as to when you are going to tell. This includes setting out a time and place. This gives an uninterrupted time to talk and discuss the secret alone.


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What if you tell a friend’s secrets?
APOLOGIZE!. Do this whole heartedly. Even if you’re being yelled at, remain calm. Accept the blame and say you are sorry. Most importantly learn from the mistake.


Picture source

Keeping secrets, especially for a long time could provide stress or affect you psychologically. It can cause you to worry, which leads to headaches. Worse still, your relationship with others might be affected. To prevent this, stay busy doing other things. It stops you from constantly thinking about the secret. And if you must tell someone your secret, be sure to choose the right person. Most importantly, to avoid stress, say no to secrets.


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“I know it’s very uncomfortable, but these pains means you’ll have your baby very soon. Just try to relax. You are one step closer to having your baby… “, the midwife was saying this to the woman in the labour room.  The pain was so agonizing for the soon-to-be  mum. It felt as though all the bones in her body were being crushed. She could feel her sweat streaming down her entire body. She found herself engaging all her muscles, at the same time putting in the required pressure needed to bring this being out of her.
“PUSH!, PUSH! “, the midwife yelled. She was a light-skinned,plus-sized, middle-aged woman.” Aaaargh! “, the expectant mother cried out. Outside the Labour room, the aunt to the about-to-be born baby waited anxiously. The father was out of town and wouldn’t be back until the following week.

” Wetin she born?! “, the aunt asked loudly from outside the window.” Na girl o!”, one of the nurses assisting the midwife answered. Almost immediately, the baby’s aunt rushed into the room, holding on to her wrapper to prevent it from falling off, as it was loosely tied round her waist.
The mother of the baby lay on the hospital bed, still breathing heavily. She looked like she had just been rescued from a near-death drowning experience. The soft cries of the baby filled room. This planted smiles on the faces of both the medical staff and the family members present. By her first cry, the baby had taken some air into her lungs for the first time in her life. This event meant the baby was alive and breathing.
“The mother of our child, you are indeed a strong woman”, the baby’s aunt remarked. She had said this with the smile still spread across her face. By now she was setting the baby’s items in place for use. The mother smiled to herself on hearing this, the statement made her realize something very significant, she had proven herself as a woman. Her prayers had been answered. She would walk with her head held high among her family and friends. She had moved from being called “Our wife” to “Our mother”. She would be called “Mummy”, not just by other children as she had been fondly called due to her kind nature, but by her child, her very own, her daughter, her blood.

“Na wa o, this pickin get hair”, one of the nurses remarked. “Na her papa she take am resemble, see, she carry him eyes sef. This one na Emeka”, said the baby’s aunt. At this time, the baby had been cleaned and dressed up. Her hair shone brightly from the baby oil that had been applied. The sweet scent of Landers baby powder penetrated the noses of those close by. The aunt was packing up the already used items into a bag. She had previously sent for recharge card.  She was itching to share the good news with everyone she could think of.
“No be now person they know who pikin resemble”, an unfamiliar voice interjected. The group, except the mother, turned in the direction of the voice. It had come from a cleaner working in the ward. She was a young lady of average height. Her face carried three long marks running down the sides of each. She had really full hips and narrow shoulders. Her uniform was so tight, it gave an outline of her figure, making her look like a human pear. She had been listening to their conversation. “All these cleaners sef, una no dey mind una business”, the baby’s aunt muttered under her breath. The midwife seemed interested in what the cleaner had said. “That’s quite true, but not in all cases”, she answered. “Like say na yoruba, na    ” Bodunrin ” we go give am”, the cleaner remarked again. “Abi o, this one na real Christmas gift”, the aunt answered looking away from the cleaner, her scornful expression signifying she didn’t want her to be part of the discussion.
“Congratulations Madam”, the midwife said, as she placed the baby into the mother’s arms. “Thank you”, the mother responded smiling, her arms spread open to receive her bundle of joy. She immediately forgot about all the agonizing pain she had experienced earlier. She sat in the bed, with her baby in her arms as everyone watched with admiration. She couldn’t help but wonder how beautiful her baby was.
“This is the best Christmas gift ever “, she thought to herself.


The ideal woman?  Who is she? What’s  so unique  about her?
These questions and many more come to play each time I try to envision what this “ideal woman”  should  be like.
I enjoy being  a woman. Not that it has always been easy. In every period  of my life,  I had to learn  it anew.  And yes,  l’m still learning with every mistake.
I did a little research…. went around asking a couple of guys and girls alike what they thought of what it takes to be the ideal woman. I got lots of really interesting responses. Most of them were similar though; “Oh,  my ideal woman, well she has to be beautiful, you know, inner and outer beauty”
“… what I want in a lady is this wholesome agreeable person. Even my brother had his opinion on the matter, “Oh boy,  she must fine and she must Sabi cook”.
Analyzing these answers,  I asked them in return, why these qualities  and it was obvious that most of them had given answers based on the beliefs they were brought up with or the idealism of the older generation. In other words, societies’ expectations of a woman are based on principles that have been used by the older generation, majority of which are still in use till date. The westerners have influenced most of these standards though, despite this there are some top qualities everyone would want to see in a lady. I looked around, and after careful observations, I gathered a few traits a woman or in this case “the ideal woman”  should  possess. Read through and tell me what you think… you can also add any important detail you feel shouldn’t have been left out.

APPEARANCE: Looks! Yes looks. It’s the first thing you notice on meeting someone new. If anything, I think it’s what draws you to the person in the first place. One’s appearance says a lot. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking “model pretty”  here. It’s  just nice when a lady is well put together, from her clothes, to her make up, her hair and accessories. Guys want to show off their girls.. so girls make what you like your number one priority (this doesn’t mean go vain).

ATTITUDE: I’m no saint myself. But I know everyone appreciates a lady who knows the proper way to act, in all situations. You know, the part that has to do with her being patient, to being tolerant, to being respectful, to being super humble blah blah blah. She should be the good one, the role model… in total, she is expected to be of laudable character.

DOMESTIC: Right… the one you’ve been waiting for. (or so I think, lol). Well, you all can agree that in our society, it doesn’t matter if your look alike is Agbani Darego or you’ve got all the academic qualifications one can possibly think of, our people believe that the basic role of a woman is in the home(I didn’t want to say end in the kitchen, that old school way of saying it). Being domestic simply means being devoted to home life.(what?  you mean the whole stay -at -home mum a.k.a full time housewife… Lol, not necessarily) She has to be homely;from planning the meals, to catering to the needs of the children and her husband. As a woman,  you might have an outside job,  but your main job is the upkeep and maintenance of your home.

INTELLIGENCE: The scope of the intellectual center goes beyond classroom learning. It’s attractive when a lady is able to reason out general
issues. If you ask  me, I think it makes her more endearing. Some guys find it really awesome if a lady can stimulate their intellect.  It gives room for holding interesting conversations which also gives both an insight into who they are.

SPRITUALITY: Hmm… In this our highly superstitious society, an unseen  world of walking witches and discontented spirits. Forget all these oyinbo sef, in a world full of bad belle, this factor cannot be underestimated.  “The God Factor”,  every lady out there,  no matter her religion, should have a one on one relationship with the one that has given her the role to play as a girl, as a lady, as a woman,  as a wife, as a mother. Only that one can guide her through her journey.

So that’s it guys. These are the basics I feel every lady should have.  Personally,  I would say such a woman is non-existent. No woman is born with these qualities. We have to learn these things.
So as a lady or woman, please know that you’re  created just the way you are for a reason. There’s a reason you’re different. You just need to find the right reasons. Imagine if we were all the same, same colour, same tone, same theme, gush would that painting be so dull. So as you work on trying to be the best woman you can be, remember to always “BE YOURSELF”. Nobody’s perfect. Society is never satisfied anyway. It’s important to know that you’re somebody’s IDEAL WOMAN.

Appreciation goes to Mrs.Akofe Maria and Miss. Anosike Chibuzo  for reading through and making necessary corrections.

Feel free to add comments and ask questions.
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