The ideal woman?  Who is she? What’s  so unique  about her?
These questions and many more come to play each time I try to envision what this “ideal woman”  should  be like.
I enjoy being  a woman. Not that it has always been easy. In every period  of my life,  I had to learn  it anew.  And yes,  l’m still learning with every mistake.
I did a little research…. went around asking a couple of guys and girls alike what they thought of what it takes to be the ideal woman. I got lots of really interesting responses. Most of them were similar though; “Oh,  my ideal woman, well she has to be beautiful, you know, inner and outer beauty”
“… what I want in a lady is this wholesome agreeable person. Even my brother had his opinion on the matter, “Oh boy,  she must fine and she must Sabi cook”.
Analyzing these answers,  I asked them in return, why these qualities  and it was obvious that most of them had given answers based on the beliefs they were brought up with or the idealism of the older generation. In other words, societies’ expectations of a woman are based on principles that have been used by the older generation, majority of which are still in use till date. The westerners have influenced most of these standards though, despite this there are some top qualities everyone would want to see in a lady. I looked around, and after careful observations, I gathered a few traits a woman or in this case “the ideal woman”  should  possess. Read through and tell me what you think… you can also add any important detail you feel shouldn’t have been left out.

APPEARANCE: Looks! Yes looks. It’s the first thing you notice on meeting someone new. If anything, I think it’s what draws you to the person in the first place. One’s appearance says a lot. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking “model pretty”  here. It’s  just nice when a lady is well put together, from her clothes, to her make up, her hair and accessories. Guys want to show off their girls.. so girls make what you like your number one priority (this doesn’t mean go vain).

ATTITUDE: I’m no saint myself. But I know everyone appreciates a lady who knows the proper way to act, in all situations. You know, the part that has to do with her being patient, to being tolerant, to being respectful, to being super humble blah blah blah. She should be the good one, the role model… in total, she is expected to be of laudable character.

DOMESTIC: Right… the one you’ve been waiting for. (or so I think, lol). Well, you all can agree that in our society, it doesn’t matter if your look alike is Agbani Darego or you’ve got all the academic qualifications one can possibly think of, our people believe that the basic role of a woman is in the home(I didn’t want to say end in the kitchen, that old school way of saying it). Being domestic simply means being devoted to home life.(what?  you mean the whole stay -at -home mum a.k.a full time housewife… Lol, not necessarily) She has to be homely;from planning the meals, to catering to the needs of the children and her husband. As a woman,  you might have an outside job,  but your main job is the upkeep and maintenance of your home.

INTELLIGENCE: The scope of the intellectual center goes beyond classroom learning. It’s attractive when a lady is able to reason out general
issues. If you ask  me, I think it makes her more endearing. Some guys find it really awesome if a lady can stimulate their intellect.  It gives room for holding interesting conversations which also gives both an insight into who they are.

SPRITUALITY: Hmm… In this our highly superstitious society, an unseen  world of walking witches and discontented spirits. Forget all these oyinbo sef, in a world full of bad belle, this factor cannot be underestimated.  “The God Factor”,  every lady out there,  no matter her religion, should have a one on one relationship with the one that has given her the role to play as a girl, as a lady, as a woman,  as a wife, as a mother. Only that one can guide her through her journey.

So that’s it guys. These are the basics I feel every lady should have.  Personally,  I would say such a woman is non-existent. No woman is born with these qualities. We have to learn these things.
So as a lady or woman, please know that you’re  created just the way you are for a reason. There’s a reason you’re different. You just need to find the right reasons. Imagine if we were all the same, same colour, same tone, same theme, gush would that painting be so dull. So as you work on trying to be the best woman you can be, remember to always “BE YOURSELF”. Nobody’s perfect. Society is never satisfied anyway. It’s important to know that you’re somebody’s IDEAL WOMAN.

Appreciation goes to Mrs.Akofe Maria and Miss. Anosike Chibuzo  for reading through and making necessary corrections.

Feel free to add comments and ask questions.
Tags :ideals,  society, perfection,woman.



  1. Olunu · December 8, 2015

    A bonus if she knows how to play video games

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ICE · January 10, 2016

    lol….very good write up.*thumps up* my friend,ride on!!


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