They ridiculed her about not having a lover. They made her feel out of place. They made her understand she was an outcast in their midst. They gave her the impression that she was the weird one, because she didn’t receive calls or text messages from that special someone. Because she remained all by herself when they went out on dates. They were of the opinion that she was a complete wreck, and no person in their right senses would consider her a life partner. What they did not  understand was that, for every being on earth, there was a time for everything…

A time to be born,
A time to triumph,
A time to suffer defeat,
A time to be merry,
A time to be sad,
A time to shed tears,
A time for loud laughs,
A time to love,
A time to be loved,
A time for this,
A time for that,
and a time to die.

It was her time now. The loser, now a winner. The unhappy one was now full of smiles. The lonely one now had a person to spend time with. She had learned to love;by being alone most times, she learnt self-love, now it was her turn to be loved.

There are times we find ourselves wishing for the things others have that we do not have. Sometimes we feel we do not fit in because we do not meet up to the expectations of others. When we continously hope for these things and when they aren’t forthcoming, we tend to lose our faith. We forget that life might have a better offer. Have you stopped to think that maybe we don’t receive these things as soon as we want them because life feels we are not ready for them. We might not be as prepared as we ought to be for us to handle these things.
So don’t be in a hurry, enjoy the journey, no matter how bumpy the road maybe. Be grateful for the flat tyres, they’re life’s way of teaching you to always have a spare tyre.Do not grumble when you run out of gas, next time you know you have to be prepared for this. Do not complain each time it rains, for it is only after it the sun shines. Do not lament each time you see the traffic lights come up, not only do they teach you patience, but also let you know when to stop, get ready and go on with your ride. All of these things are temporary setbacks and help in preparing you for the next step.Observe all in the rules life has set and be grateful for all things, because everything that happens at the times, do so for a reason.
We all have our TIME TO SHINE.