…dedicated to that special friend,you’re not in this alone.


Artcreds :ellz

You are holding so much pain
It’s so agonizing, it’s driving you insane
W-Why did they have to push so hard
With such a force that was stronger than you could withstand
Now you lay here hurting deeply
From the wounds and injuries
From the scrapes and bruises
Every part of you is bleeding
Just when you tried to make movements
A piece of your bone jagged through your skin at the moment
Feeling like a bag of fractures bones
You lose all your hopes
You can’t hold it anymore,
So you let your tears pour
You loathe them for tearing you apart
But you try to forgive them for you have a good heart
You’re starting to find yourself disgusting
As you observe some parts of you beginning to rotten
Instead of feeling numb and useless
Why not try to recreate yourself into a model so priceless
Yes, yes you’ll go through series and stages
A process so long and excruciatingly painful, it might take ages
But new parts of you will be formed
Correcting the old you that was deformed
Empty spaces and fractured areas will be filled
As a new you begins to build
I just want you to remember that as a friend
I’ll always be there to help you till the end
And when we are through
With you feeling and leaving renewed
Those who thought you were down and fallen
Will be thrilled by the time they see you up and risen.

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TITLE: Americanah
AUTHOR: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
GENRE: Fiction, Romance, Satire
RATING: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
FAVOURITE QUOTE : “You must never behave as if your life belongs to a man. Do you hear me? Your life belongs to you and you alone._aunty Ifeka


Americanah is a story surrounding two lovers; Ifemelu ( the main character) and Obinze, her first love. They met in secondary school, made plans and fantasized about their future together, but life proved them wrong. The time of the story started in the 90s, at the time Nigeria was still being ran by the military and ended in the time of the new democratic Nigeria. The story and experiences of the characters ran across various continents. I was exposed to what it felt like moving to a new place, then afterwards finding it difficult to return home. It also showed ways in which you had to adjust yourself to become this totally different person when you find yourself in a new place and in the process almost forgetting your true self.

The author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie narrated the story. It was a third person narration. Based on Ifemelu’s experiences, Adichie was able to expose us to various social and political issues such as race, immigration, etc.

Nigeria, America and England.

The book dealt with various political issues facing the world, but laid much emphasis on the issue of racism as well as immigration.  It also shed some light on the issue of love.

I liked the book  because I could identify with the protagonist, Ifemelu. She happened to be a very strong girl, who stood her grounds in most cases, saying things as they were while ignoring how it affected others. Although this attitude earned her so many critics, she remained true and honest in her dealings both with others as well as with herself. In the long run, it came off with benefits for her.
I have read previous works by Adichie and will read more because through her writing, she has shown that she’s very observant and her stories are based on reality. 4 stars out of 5 though because the ending was a little bit unrealistic for the typical African setting. In all, it was a good read.
I encourage you to get a copy of Americanah and read it. It’ll be worthwhile, trust me.

Feel free to leave comments if you’ve read the book.



Hey there! Ellie here!

Yeah, the holidays are over. I don’t feel so great about it either. Nevertheless, one’s got to go with the timing of everything in life. Now it’s back to school time, with most schools already in full swing while some are yet to resume.
It’s time to pack things up and return to school/college.
Whether you’re just starting college or an old pro at college life, it’s important to know that learning at college goes well beyond coursework. New students(freshers) especially have to deal with greater responsibilities, more independence, managing a demanding course load and of course the social scene.
And then in the midst of it all, a complete stranger in the name of a roommate is thrown at you so you have to deal with not only the school and its system but also with the troubles and headaches that come from living with a roommate.

(But when I signed up for college, I didn’t sign a death warrant.)

Yes, it is okay to think this way.
Roommate trouble isn’t uncommon. It’s a pretty popular topic of conversation among students at college. Everybody has them.
I personally know some bad roommates. I had to deal with some really messy roommates for a couple of years. I’m not saying I  was a perfect roommate either, and I know we can all be messy at times. But I don’t think any normal person can live in a room that hasn’t been cleaned for days, with dirty dishes, pots and pans already growing moulds, you’d think someone was deliberately culturing them for some scientific research.  Do not feel insulted but if you say you can, then Mr. Pig must be your first cousin.

I have spent a short part of my life living with roommates and over the years, I’ve learnt that roommates problems are easy to understand and approach if done in the right way. You see, while having a roommate will definitely come with its challenges, it can serve as a great part of your college experience. Not only that, but the experience gained would be a form of exercise in human relationships which if carried out correctly could lead to lifelong friendships or relationships or at the very least lifelong skills and techniques in getting along with new persons you’ll meet in the future. It also helps you to get to know more about about yourself  and will show you areas where you need to adjust in order to be a better person.

When you first meet your roommate, the probability is that you would want to be on your best behaviour. You want to make sure you get along with each other, so you try hard to make sure you’re not the awful roommate everyone’s talking about. This works at first and you can get carried away with the pleasantness of things that you forget to think ahead to potential problem scenarios until they finally hit.
Eventually things begin to get really frustrating for you and your roommate(s).  And after numerous conflicts, there’s a lasting feud among members of the room.
Roommates take sides, usually out of sentiments and then it’s like a war zone with everybody setting boundaries and having territories. But this approach doesn’t solve any problem, it only makes matters worse for all.

There’s this all time favourite quote my mum doesn’t fail to share when the time calls for it, “No man is an Island”.  This is true, it explains why we as human beings will always need people to rely on. We can’t do everything by ourselves. The same applies to living with roommates. Let’s say a roommate has an emergency case that needs urgent medical attention, who is to see to the roommate first? The next roommate of course. It is he or she that’ll be able to call for help or give the necessary assistance needed.  So you see, as roommates, we have now been made a small family, and what do you need family for if not for help and support when needed. Knowing this, I think it’ll be of great interest if we try to live harmoniously with roommates. Of course, you’ll definitely meet really stubborn and annoying ones, but if done right, living with roommates can be the easiest thing to do while at college.

By following these tips, you can make sure you and your roommate(s) keep things pleasant throughout the year.

Start by getting to know each other. Try to engage in worthwhile discussions. Ask questions about likes,  dislikes, habits and living conditions in general. You don’t have to be best friends, but getting to know each other ahead of time can help you prepare yourself for a positive roommate relationship.

Be open and friendly in your communication. Ask open questions and give honest answers. Talk about family, hobbies, academic matters etc. Now be careful when doing this, you wouldn’t want to come off as nosy or make it seem like you’re prying into people’s affairs. Your roommate(s) may not want to come out straight at first, some people deem their privacy very important. Try to understand this and be patient with them. As the friendship develops with time, they’ll start to open up and share things with you. In the process you might even discover you’re alike in certain ways.

Define “Neat”. You might be a neat freak or a slob, whichever way, you always have to put the other person’s feelings into consideration. With a little give and take, you and your roommate(s) can adjust accordingly and make your room and environment as comfortable as possible. There should be an agreement as to how you want the room to be arranged and how you’ll manage a roommate who refuses to live up to the standards you have set.

Talk about visitation hours. Decide when it’s convenient for a roommate to have his or her visitors, especially for the opposite gender guest. You wouldn’t want members of the opposite sex bumping into each other especially when they aren’t fully dressed. To avoid this, it’s important to set designated times as to when they’re allowed in the room as well as to what their dos and don’ts should be.

Find a common interest you share with your roommate(s). Perhaps you both enjoy going to the movies or listening to a particular genre of music or like to go shopping, while you obviously won’t be spending all your time with roommates, doing these things together when you have the time can serve as a lot of fun plus it helps you to get to know each other and understand your roommate(s) better.

Get to know each other’s schedule and study pattern. While some roommates make the library seem like a place where anyone can make a living off, others prefer to remain in the room to study. When you understand this, you and your roommate(s) can make out times that’ll govern the utilization of the room in a way that’ll avoid conflicts.

What about sharing your stuff? Just because you’re sharing a room doesn’t mean you may want to share certain things. This one applies to girls especially as we are known to be very petty beings. For instance, you wouldn’t mind sharing your pots and pans with roommates, but having them use your fancy shampoo is a big NO-NO. In order to save yourself of the trouble or confusion that might come later, let your roommate(s) know ahead of time what it is you don’t mind sharing and what it is you want of your own.

Pet peeves and personal habits, we all have them. People react to different situations in different manners,sometimes helping to resolve the case but most times worsening the situation. How do you deal with conflicts? Are you the type to yell, get quiet or nurse a grudge?  What’s a big pet peeve for you?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should go telling your roommate(s) negative things about yourself. But knowing and understanding your strengths and weaknesses, it helps if you are able to address it/them with your roommate(s). Who knows, you might be lucky to meet a roommate(s) that’ll help you through your habits.

Having dealt with all of these, we now know that living with roommates isn’t all that bad. And when it tries to prove difficult, there are smart and subtle ways to handle it.
In all of that, there are certain factors to  bear in mind when staying with roommate(s) and when you understand this, you are sure to get through the year without any form of roommate problem.
-People study differently, some study and talk, others prefer quiet study.
-Some prefer the windows open at night(for proper cross-ventilation) others want it closed(for fear that they might catch a cold).
-Some roommates fart really loud and at the most inappropriate times.
-Some will use a verbal expression consistently, you’d find yourself wishing such term was never brought to existence. Take for instance, a friend of mine talking, “You know, I was like, I’m not ready for a relationship and then he was like but when will I be, so I was like, I’ll let him know when I’m ready and then he was like, will when you’re ready be the end of the world, and then I was like he should just give me some time to think about it and then he was like… ” (And to myself I’m thinking,” You both are like so annoying”).

These and many more are some of the things you’re most likely to encounter when living with roommates.

But I think we can live past all of these if we just learn respect each other ; respect each other’s privacy, respect each other’s standards etc.

Learn not to take or borrow the other person’s belongings without seeking permission.

Understand that the wish to study or sleep is more important than wanting to play loud music. Roommates should try as much as possible not to disturb others. If you are the type that relies on alarm clocks to wake you up, then wake up at the time you’ve set, ditch the snooze button this year please as it could be so disturbing and annoying.

Do chores without having to be reminded, follow the routine the room has set.

Don’t expect all favours to be returned. Learn to help others because you want to, not because you hope they’ll return the favour some day. You’ll end up hurting yourself if you operate this way.

As per sleeping patterns and arrangements,while most sleep with the lights off, others are night owls and would want the lights to stay on to enable them carry out their work effectively. If there are to be sleep over guests, necessary arrangements should be made prior to the hour so the other isn’t left feeling displaced. ( Remember most hostel rooms are really small and tight).

Most importantly,  never be rude or insulting for no reason. Be kind and thoughtful.

Most schools in Nigeria have Hall Mistresses or Masters that govern and direct the activities of the halls/hostels . If you’ve tried to communicate with your roommate(s)  and are still having issues or aren’t happy about your living condition, talk to your hall mistress or master.

I wish you goodluck and a successful academic year.

Feel free to leave comments or add more tips or suggestions on how to live peacefully with roommates.
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TITLE: The Last days at Forcados High school.
AUTHOR: A. H Mohammed
MONTH READ: Jan 2016
RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
GENRE: Young Adult Fiction
FAVOURITE QUOTE(S) :  “… people may fail you-I did – but God loves you, honestly He does. _Nene.

” Who deserves anything? It’s like grace, God’s grace._Nene.

“I believe people need to sort out things inside themselves first, and I’m trying._Efua.

“Why do you always want to believe the worst about people? _Efua.

FAVOURITE CHARACTER: Efua(read the book to find out why☺)


As he begins his final year at the elite Forcados High school together with his friends, Ansa, the nerdy art genius and sweethearted and devout Nene, Jimi the brightest star at the school believes and is determined that it’s going to be his best year yet. But things don’t go exactly as he hoped for, partly because of his rogue brother, Wole who after a long stay from home decides to return to the family. And with Wole back at home, the family knows trouble can’t be far behind. Then there’s Efua, the beautiful and mysterious new girl in school, who because of her eccentric behaviour earned herself a bad nickname, “The witch”.
A lot happens in the story, with so much drama attached. But the saddest part was when Jimi’s mother died after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Having no one else to look up, except for his very impatient dad and juvenile older brother, Jimi realizes that things are going to change for good…

Thoughts: This is a funny and honest book about self-discovery, family, friendship, tolerance and the highs and lows of life as a modern Nigerian teenager/youth.
A. H Mohammed tells us the story in a simple and straightforward language that makes it easy for anyone to understand.
“The Last days at Forcados high school” stands out with its realistic situations and characters. I personally could connect to Efua, she seemed like the kind of person I would want to be friends with if she were a real person. We sort of share the same interests and principles.
The book was really funny but dead serious at the same time as various issues ranging from drug abuse, sexual abuse to discrimination and loss were tackled. Most importantly, the book teaches the value of friendship.

Get a copy of this book for yourself and a friend. You’ll love that you did so because sharing is caring.

Feel free to drop comments if you’ve read the book.




I was alone, out in the dark thick forest. The night was so cold and the wind that blew sent shivers down my spine. My hands and feet felt really cold and numb. I couldn’t move any part of my body, I just stood there frozen from the cold. Not a single sound was heard,  not even a single soul could be seen. Although I didn’t expect anyone to be out here at this hour, I silently wished for somebody I knew to come to my rescue. I couldn’t understand what I was doing out here all alone. How did I arrive at this scary place? I remained in my position, my feet deeply rooted to the ground, it made me feel as if I was one of the trees. I could feel the sharp bites of the icy air. What if I freeze to death? What if I get attacked and eaten by the dangerous animals of the forest? Fear gripped me. Loneliness seized my soul. My lungs ached as I tried not to cry.
Just then, I heard footsteps. I strained my ears very hard in order to know where it was coming from. The footsteps drew closer and as time went by, I grew really scared. I was so full of panic, I couldn’t decide whether or not to run or shout for help.
“Crunch”, “Crunch” , “Crunch” , “Crunch”, I could hear the sounds of the boots against the leaves as they came closer and closer to where I was standing. The light of the night was too dim for me to see anything clearly. The next thing I knew, a person’s arm grabbed me hard. The arms were so thick and strong, I could tell it belonged to a man. I struggled to let myself free, but to no avail. I tried to let out screams, but couldn’t find my voice. It was then I realized there was nothing I could do but surrender to this cold hands of death. As I tried to say my last prayers, I suddenly felt the stranger’s arms going up and down the contours of my body. I trembled with fear as he did this. “A rapist! Oh God!, a rapist!”, I whispered to myself. Thoughts of the worst possible thing that could happen to me besides being raped kept crawling into my head. I knew my doom had come.
The stranger went on with the strokes, making it gentler and softer as time passed, caressing every part of my body he could reach. The warm sensation I got from his touch made me melt so quickly, I was too weak to resist. The senses in every part of my body awakened. I began to enjoy the feeling of being in his warm embrace. I pressed hard against his body, and he responded to my need for more as he pressed even harder.

I stood there, with this stranger, his strong arms wrapped around me in tight embrace. I loved the tenderness of his touch and wanted this moment to last forever. I closed my eyes and tried to forget about the weirdness of this event until…

“Adeelah! “,   “Adeelah!”,  “Adeeeeelah”.
I opened my eyes almost immediately. Hearing my mother’s voice call my name made me jerk. The strength I once lacked gathered up inside me as I was able to push the stranger off me this time.
What was mum doing in the forest?  Had she been here all along?  Was she also lost?

“Adeelah!”,  Adeelah! “,  her voice called out again, only this time, it sounded louder.
I turned around to find the direction of her voice. I rubbed my eyes so I could see clearly. There she was, standing by my bedside, looking angrily at me.

” You always wake up so late, despite knowing you have a long day ahead of you! You have to break this habit girl. You promised to drop your old ways, now look at you. I still have to shout at the top of my voice countless times to get you out of bed!”, she shouted.
“Here we go again, nags, nags and even more nags”, I thought to myself.
“Look at the time dee, should you still be in bed by this time?, her words interrupted my thoughts.  I turned to look at the clock that hung from the wall of my room. It was 7:59am.  “I’m sorry mum”, I replied as she walked out of my room, still complaining bitterly to herself.
I looked around me and for a moment I was confused. “How did I get back to my room?”  “Had I been in here the whole time?”
While I sat on my bed, in the cold light of the day, trying to unravel the mystery I had just experienced, my mum returned to my room saying in a flat tone, “You should thank me for checking up on you last night. If I hadn’t done so, I wouldn’t have discovered your windows open and your body exposed to the cold. You know the right thing to do dee, you are not a child anymore. If you don’t learn to shut your windows at night and protect yourself from the cold using your blanket, you’re sure to catch your death of cold soon.

THINK BIG by Ben Carson

Hello lovelies.
This is the first of my book report series, and I’m opening it with a review of the book, “THINK BIG”  by Ben Carson. I spent the first day of the year reading the book and by the third day, I had this review put together. Here’s the review:


THINK BIG by Ben Carson (front cover of the book)

Author: Ben Carson
Genre of Literature: Motivational/Autobiography
No. of pages: 261
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Favourite Quote: “All of us can do something”
Favourite character: Sonya Carson
Month read: January 2016
Did I like it? Yes
Why? I liked the book because, it’s such an insightful read, full of inspiring quotes and life lessons. The book teaches the importance of putting God first in all that you do, especially as Christians. When one applies the principles in this book to one’s life, one is bound to see positive changes.

Would I read more by this author? Definitely.

Would I encourage others to read this? Yes. It’s a great read for both the young and old,especially those who have failed to live up to their full potential.


Whatever you choose to do in your life, you can do it.

There’s value in the wrong way of doing things. The knowledge gained from errors contributes to our knowledge base.               
                                                        Dr. Long

Settle for nothing less than doing your best for yourself and for others.

You can do anything they can do, only you can do it better.
                                              Sonya Carson

You don’t need a brain transplant to be at the top of your game.

You don’t have to wait for opportunities to come knocking. To attain that desired height, you have to tell yourself you are capable of doing this.

You can only become whatever you want to be in life if you are willing to work at it.

Look around you and pick out those you admire, those you want to be like, watch how they act, behave and emulate them. You can be like them and even better, but you must be willing to give your best.

Tell yourself, you can do this.

All of us can do something.

It’s not where we have come from, but where we are going that counts!.

We are still able to grow as long as we are alive.

No one has to be a victim of circumstances.

Being part of a team helps you as you always have people you can turn to for assistance, plus you don’t have to learn to do everything yourself. (This is how the world works).

A person’s skin colour, height, body weight or looks in general shouldn’t be seen as a barrier to competence.

Anyone who can’t learn from other people’s mistakes simply can’t learn and that’s all there is to it.

Surround yourself with positive minded people who are willing to give their best at whatever they find themselves doing and your team is sure to excel.

When there’s chance, no matter how small, that is when we must take risks and do everything that we can do to maintain that high quality of life.

There are times when you have to make certain decisions in what you do, this will earn you some critics, but as long as you know it is the right thing to do and there’s no ulterior motive behind it, then do it.

It’s good to give your best, but when you do, you have to learn to rely on God. Your best isn’t enough no matter how good if you leave God out of the picture.

Think Big lets us know that everyone you meet in life has some value to offer and could serve as a mentor or source of inspiration to others. This means that even you can be a mentor to others.


A teacher should believe in a student’s ability, because when he does, the student is able to believe in his ability as well.

A teacher should be interested in the student. He should care about the student and should be interested in what happens to the student.

A teacher should be unselfish. His interest in his student shouldn’t be about his own advancement.

As a teacher, when you exude confidence in what you do and how you do it, your student will be inspired to do the same.

It’s a teacher’s responsibility to show students how to get things done effectively and efficiently. He should always be there to guide and point the way. He should know what needs to be done.

It is the way in which a teacher does his work that influences his students so profoundly. By doing your best, you push your students to do their best.

A teacher should expect the students to take his criticism seriously only if he sets good examples.

A teacher shouldn’t just know how to master his subject skills, he should have the ability to teach others to do it in the same way.

A teacher should generously teach his students the necessary skills required for a particular subject.

A teacher should be willing to assist his students at all times.

A teacher should be a good listener.

A teacher should be willing to make time for his students.

A teacher shouldn’t be arrogant.

A teacher’s training should leave a great impact on the student. The student should leave with a positive feeling and positive decision.

Although, Think Big dealt with so many things we need to do in order to achieve success, the part that I found really interesting was on the issue of “TALENTS”


First, it is important to know that we all have talents, often underdeveloped, sometimes ignored and frequently used without realizing that they are gifts to us from God.
Ben lets us understand that, contrary to what the media portrays as talents, it isn’t just about being a performer, a star singer, or hotshot ball player, but includes every ability from being good at math, or being a good reader, to being able to extract complex concepts from a written page. All of these and many more are all talents.

When we learn to recognize our talents, use them appropriately and choose a field that uses those talents, we are sure to rise to the top of our field. But we must understand that using one’s talents in the right field doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be outstanding at what you do,but if we use that ability God has endowed each of us with, we can become excellent in our field.

Gaston’s story seen on pages 151&152 of the book teaches us to learn to find where our talents fit into the needs of people and use it to help others. His story further teaches us that, to be successful at what we do with our God given talents, we should;

-learn to give up excuses
-accept our talents and use them.
-know that our talents are meant to serve a purpose, which is to help others.

Our God-given talents make us unique and can push us to see a need and do something to fill it. Ben says that God has given everyone one of us more than 14billon cells and connections in our brain. Ben now asks us that if this is so, why would He give us such a complex organ system unless He expects us to use it?

Then again, we must know that when it comes to using one’s talents purposefully and rising to the top, not everyone can do it better, it is not a matter of competing with someone else. Essentially, it is about accepting our own special abilities as special and then developing them.
Not everyone can do everything. You have to find out where your abilities lie, by doing that, you’re on your way to discovering your talents.
Anyone with a normal brain  has the capacity to do almost anything, but when one has special gifts (which everyone has) and takes advantage of them and develops these talents – that person is likely to excel.

Most importantly, all of us need to discover and choose careers that allow us to maximize these talents.

You’ll find out more  and see exercises you can carry out in order to discover one’s talents in the book.

The book also teaches us to learn to trust in God. We should endeavour to make Him our friend and partner. We should learn to acknowledge our need for Him in all we do.
As much as you are willing to do your best in your endeavours , it’s important to call on God to help you. He always has the answer.


I have decided to add these to my petitions and I think you can too.

God, please give me a sense of what to do and what not to do.

God, you just have to intervene for me, I’m an empty pitcher in front of a full fountain. You have to fill me. You have to teach me.

Lord,  give me wisdom to use the knowledge I have and to give me perspective and understanding, particularly when difficult situations arise.

“This is what I am,  and as a professional or occupational person, I’ll do my work extremely well. I am good at what I do. I make people’s lives better because of the work I do”
Ben says if we learn to say this and allow it reflect in our actions, it’ll determine our success. Our attitude towards ourselves and others determines how far we would go in life.

In conclusion, as much as Ben wants us to “THINK BIG”  in all that we do and give our best in order to achieve that desired success, he strongly states and believes that success isn’t measured by the amount of money we make or the prestige our title carries.

That’s it guys. And this is just about a quarter of the information contained in the book. Ben isn’t just a great neurosurgeon, but also a great teacher.

Get a copy of “THINK BIG”  by Ben Carson and read it. It promises to be of immense value. Every individual seeking success and a sense of fulfillment should read this book. And if you have read the book, feel free to share your thoughts and insights with us.



Finally, 2016 is here!
*dancing shakiti bobo*😁😁😂

Okay, let’s get serious. Happy new year lovelies. New air, New breath, New friends, New vibes,  New me, New you, NEW YEAR!!!!

I know this is coming rather late, but hey, better late than never. I just want to use this medium to give a big shout to those who made my 2015. You see, 2015 was one hell of a year for me, but I’m thankful for all that happened. I am mostly thankful to God for helping me discover the why behind my existence, and I pray that He’ll continue to grant me the grace to use the wisdom He has given me appropriately. Big shout to my readers and visitors, you guys encourage me to do more. Thank you. And to my critics, thanks for your criticism, it helps me know where to make necessary adjustments and improve myself. Exclusive shout to members of my family, for being patient with me and taking time to read my write-ups, while helping me decide what to do and what not to do. There are so many things to be thankful for, but if I go on, the list would be endless. But I must say thank you to God for allowing me see 2016, hale and hearty.

More good reads will be coming your way this year by God’s grace.
I am also going to introduce a new series titled “YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS SPEAK with ellie” to the blog this January. Details on this would be passed across on the Facebook page ;ELLIE DAILY. (If you know a young Nigerian,preferably between the ages of (13-25) who deserves publicity and can serve as a source of inspiration to Nigerian youths because of what he/she is doing, you could send us information about such persons).

If there’s any change or something new you’ll like to see on the blog this year, feel free to make requests.


Here’s to a successful 2016🍻