THINK BIG by Ben Carson

Hello lovelies.
This is the first of my book report series, and I’m opening it with a review of the book, “THINK BIG”  by Ben Carson. I spent the first day of the year reading the book and by the third day, I had this review put together. Here’s the review:


THINK BIG by Ben Carson (front cover of the book)

Author: Ben Carson
Genre of Literature: Motivational/Autobiography
No. of pages: 261
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Favourite Quote: “All of us can do something”
Favourite character: Sonya Carson
Month read: January 2016
Did I like it? Yes
Why? I liked the book because, it’s such an insightful read, full of inspiring quotes and life lessons. The book teaches the importance of putting God first in all that you do, especially as Christians. When one applies the principles in this book to one’s life, one is bound to see positive changes.

Would I read more by this author? Definitely.

Would I encourage others to read this? Yes. It’s a great read for both the young and old,especially those who have failed to live up to their full potential.


Whatever you choose to do in your life, you can do it.

There’s value in the wrong way of doing things. The knowledge gained from errors contributes to our knowledge base.               
                                                        Dr. Long

Settle for nothing less than doing your best for yourself and for others.

You can do anything they can do, only you can do it better.
                                              Sonya Carson

You don’t need a brain transplant to be at the top of your game.

You don’t have to wait for opportunities to come knocking. To attain that desired height, you have to tell yourself you are capable of doing this.

You can only become whatever you want to be in life if you are willing to work at it.

Look around you and pick out those you admire, those you want to be like, watch how they act, behave and emulate them. You can be like them and even better, but you must be willing to give your best.

Tell yourself, you can do this.

All of us can do something.

It’s not where we have come from, but where we are going that counts!.

We are still able to grow as long as we are alive.

No one has to be a victim of circumstances.

Being part of a team helps you as you always have people you can turn to for assistance, plus you don’t have to learn to do everything yourself. (This is how the world works).

A person’s skin colour, height, body weight or looks in general shouldn’t be seen as a barrier to competence.

Anyone who can’t learn from other people’s mistakes simply can’t learn and that’s all there is to it.

Surround yourself with positive minded people who are willing to give their best at whatever they find themselves doing and your team is sure to excel.

When there’s chance, no matter how small, that is when we must take risks and do everything that we can do to maintain that high quality of life.

There are times when you have to make certain decisions in what you do, this will earn you some critics, but as long as you know it is the right thing to do and there’s no ulterior motive behind it, then do it.

It’s good to give your best, but when you do, you have to learn to rely on God. Your best isn’t enough no matter how good if you leave God out of the picture.

Think Big lets us know that everyone you meet in life has some value to offer and could serve as a mentor or source of inspiration to others. This means that even you can be a mentor to others.


A teacher should believe in a student’s ability, because when he does, the student is able to believe in his ability as well.

A teacher should be interested in the student. He should care about the student and should be interested in what happens to the student.

A teacher should be unselfish. His interest in his student shouldn’t be about his own advancement.

As a teacher, when you exude confidence in what you do and how you do it, your student will be inspired to do the same.

It’s a teacher’s responsibility to show students how to get things done effectively and efficiently. He should always be there to guide and point the way. He should know what needs to be done.

It is the way in which a teacher does his work that influences his students so profoundly. By doing your best, you push your students to do their best.

A teacher should expect the students to take his criticism seriously only if he sets good examples.

A teacher shouldn’t just know how to master his subject skills, he should have the ability to teach others to do it in the same way.

A teacher should generously teach his students the necessary skills required for a particular subject.

A teacher should be willing to assist his students at all times.

A teacher should be a good listener.

A teacher should be willing to make time for his students.

A teacher shouldn’t be arrogant.

A teacher’s training should leave a great impact on the student. The student should leave with a positive feeling and positive decision.

Although, Think Big dealt with so many things we need to do in order to achieve success, the part that I found really interesting was on the issue of “TALENTS”


First, it is important to know that we all have talents, often underdeveloped, sometimes ignored and frequently used without realizing that they are gifts to us from God.
Ben lets us understand that, contrary to what the media portrays as talents, it isn’t just about being a performer, a star singer, or hotshot ball player, but includes every ability from being good at math, or being a good reader, to being able to extract complex concepts from a written page. All of these and many more are all talents.

When we learn to recognize our talents, use them appropriately and choose a field that uses those talents, we are sure to rise to the top of our field. But we must understand that using one’s talents in the right field doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be outstanding at what you do,but if we use that ability God has endowed each of us with, we can become excellent in our field.

Gaston’s story seen on pages 151&152 of the book teaches us to learn to find where our talents fit into the needs of people and use it to help others. His story further teaches us that, to be successful at what we do with our God given talents, we should;

-learn to give up excuses
-accept our talents and use them.
-know that our talents are meant to serve a purpose, which is to help others.

Our God-given talents make us unique and can push us to see a need and do something to fill it. Ben says that God has given everyone one of us more than 14billon cells and connections in our brain. Ben now asks us that if this is so, why would He give us such a complex organ system unless He expects us to use it?

Then again, we must know that when it comes to using one’s talents purposefully and rising to the top, not everyone can do it better, it is not a matter of competing with someone else. Essentially, it is about accepting our own special abilities as special and then developing them.
Not everyone can do everything. You have to find out where your abilities lie, by doing that, you’re on your way to discovering your talents.
Anyone with a normal brain  has the capacity to do almost anything, but when one has special gifts (which everyone has) and takes advantage of them and develops these talents – that person is likely to excel.

Most importantly, all of us need to discover and choose careers that allow us to maximize these talents.

You’ll find out more  and see exercises you can carry out in order to discover one’s talents in the book.

The book also teaches us to learn to trust in God. We should endeavour to make Him our friend and partner. We should learn to acknowledge our need for Him in all we do.
As much as you are willing to do your best in your endeavours , it’s important to call on God to help you. He always has the answer.


I have decided to add these to my petitions and I think you can too.

God, please give me a sense of what to do and what not to do.

God, you just have to intervene for me, I’m an empty pitcher in front of a full fountain. You have to fill me. You have to teach me.

Lord,  give me wisdom to use the knowledge I have and to give me perspective and understanding, particularly when difficult situations arise.

“This is what I am,  and as a professional or occupational person, I’ll do my work extremely well. I am good at what I do. I make people’s lives better because of the work I do”
Ben says if we learn to say this and allow it reflect in our actions, it’ll determine our success. Our attitude towards ourselves and others determines how far we would go in life.

In conclusion, as much as Ben wants us to “THINK BIG”  in all that we do and give our best in order to achieve that desired success, he strongly states and believes that success isn’t measured by the amount of money we make or the prestige our title carries.

That’s it guys. And this is just about a quarter of the information contained in the book. Ben isn’t just a great neurosurgeon, but also a great teacher.

Get a copy of “THINK BIG”  by Ben Carson and read it. It promises to be of immense value. Every individual seeking success and a sense of fulfillment should read this book. And if you have read the book, feel free to share your thoughts and insights with us.



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