I was alone, out in the dark thick forest. The night was so cold and the wind that blew sent shivers down my spine. My hands and feet felt really cold and numb. I couldn’t move any part of my body, I just stood there frozen from the cold. Not a single sound was heard,  not even a single soul could be seen. Although I didn’t expect anyone to be out here at this hour, I silently wished for somebody I knew to come to my rescue. I couldn’t understand what I was doing out here all alone. How did I arrive at this scary place? I remained in my position, my feet deeply rooted to the ground, it made me feel as if I was one of the trees. I could feel the sharp bites of the icy air. What if I freeze to death? What if I get attacked and eaten by the dangerous animals of the forest? Fear gripped me. Loneliness seized my soul. My lungs ached as I tried not to cry.
Just then, I heard footsteps. I strained my ears very hard in order to know where it was coming from. The footsteps drew closer and as time went by, I grew really scared. I was so full of panic, I couldn’t decide whether or not to run or shout for help.
“Crunch”, “Crunch” , “Crunch” , “Crunch”, I could hear the sounds of the boots against the leaves as they came closer and closer to where I was standing. The light of the night was too dim for me to see anything clearly. The next thing I knew, a person’s arm grabbed me hard. The arms were so thick and strong, I could tell it belonged to a man. I struggled to let myself free, but to no avail. I tried to let out screams, but couldn’t find my voice. It was then I realized there was nothing I could do but surrender to this cold hands of death. As I tried to say my last prayers, I suddenly felt the stranger’s arms going up and down the contours of my body. I trembled with fear as he did this. “A rapist! Oh God!, a rapist!”, I whispered to myself. Thoughts of the worst possible thing that could happen to me besides being raped kept crawling into my head. I knew my doom had come.
The stranger went on with the strokes, making it gentler and softer as time passed, caressing every part of my body he could reach. The warm sensation I got from his touch made me melt so quickly, I was too weak to resist. The senses in every part of my body awakened. I began to enjoy the feeling of being in his warm embrace. I pressed hard against his body, and he responded to my need for more as he pressed even harder.

I stood there, with this stranger, his strong arms wrapped around me in tight embrace. I loved the tenderness of his touch and wanted this moment to last forever. I closed my eyes and tried to forget about the weirdness of this event until…

“Adeelah! “,   “Adeelah!”,  “Adeeeeelah”.
I opened my eyes almost immediately. Hearing my mother’s voice call my name made me jerk. The strength I once lacked gathered up inside me as I was able to push the stranger off me this time.
What was mum doing in the forest?  Had she been here all along?  Was she also lost?

“Adeelah!”,  Adeelah! “,  her voice called out again, only this time, it sounded louder.
I turned around to find the direction of her voice. I rubbed my eyes so I could see clearly. There she was, standing by my bedside, looking angrily at me.

” You always wake up so late, despite knowing you have a long day ahead of you! You have to break this habit girl. You promised to drop your old ways, now look at you. I still have to shout at the top of my voice countless times to get you out of bed!”, she shouted.
“Here we go again, nags, nags and even more nags”, I thought to myself.
“Look at the time dee, should you still be in bed by this time?, her words interrupted my thoughts.  I turned to look at the clock that hung from the wall of my room. It was 7:59am.  “I’m sorry mum”, I replied as she walked out of my room, still complaining bitterly to herself.
I looked around me and for a moment I was confused. “How did I get back to my room?”  “Had I been in here the whole time?”
While I sat on my bed, in the cold light of the day, trying to unravel the mystery I had just experienced, my mum returned to my room saying in a flat tone, “You should thank me for checking up on you last night. If I hadn’t done so, I wouldn’t have discovered your windows open and your body exposed to the cold. You know the right thing to do dee, you are not a child anymore. If you don’t learn to shut your windows at night and protect yourself from the cold using your blanket, you’re sure to catch your death of cold soon.



  1. Agbodoh · January 8, 2016

    Uhm… (Clears throat)…. Did you write this??🙎


  2. Agbodoh · January 8, 2016

    Uhmm…. (clears throat). Did you write this??…🙎


  3. ICE · January 10, 2016

    Amusing story*

    Liked by 1 person

  4. elliedaily2015 · January 11, 2016



  5. theanonymouscherif · February 19, 2016

    I love the construction and literary illustration
    You really squashed my hopes after you woke up from your dream tho.
    Was waiting for “a superman” part but….

    Liked by 1 person

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