…dedicated to that special friend,you’re not in this alone.


Artcreds :ellz

You are holding so much pain
It’s so agonizing, it’s driving you insane
W-Why did they have to push so hard
With such a force that was stronger than you could withstand
Now you lay here hurting deeply
From the wounds and injuries
From the scrapes and bruises
Every part of you is bleeding
Just when you tried to make movements
A piece of your bone jagged through your skin at the moment
Feeling like a bag of fractures bones
You lose all your hopes
You can’t hold it anymore,
So you let your tears pour
You loathe them for tearing you apart
But you try to forgive them for you have a good heart
You’re starting to find yourself disgusting
As you observe some parts of you beginning to rotten
Instead of feeling numb and useless
Why not try to recreate yourself into a model so priceless
Yes, yes you’ll go through series and stages
A process so long and excruciatingly painful, it might take ages
But new parts of you will be formed
Correcting the old you that was deformed
Empty spaces and fractured areas will be filled
As a new you begins to build
I just want you to remember that as a friend
I’ll always be there to help you till the end
And when we are through
With you feeling and leaving renewed
Those who thought you were down and fallen
Will be thrilled by the time they see you up and risen.

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