Author: Buchi Emecheta
Genre: Fiction (tragedy)
Rating : ⭐⭐⭐
Page count: 253
Month read: February 2016
Favourite character: None, should have been Ona, but Buchi killed her :'(.
Favourite quote(s):

“Many men can make love and give babies easily, but cannot love”.

“Few men tell their women where they’re going”.

“Education is a lifelong project”.

“I wish Nnu Ego had been born in our time. When we were young, men valued the type of beauty she has,” he mused. Idayi smiled knowingly. “Nevertheless, the fact is, my friend, she was not born then; she was born in her own time. Things have changed a lot. This is the age of the white man. Nowadays every young man wants to cement his mud hut and cover it with corrugated-iron sheets instead of the palm leaves we are used to. You’ll just have to accept a man of today, Agbadi.’

“You want a husband who has time to ask you if you wish to eat rice, or drink corn pap with honey? Forget it. Men here are too busy being white men’s servant to be men. We women mind the home. Not our husbands. Their manhood has been taken away from them. The shame of it is that they don’t know it. All they see is the money, shining white man’s money.” “But’, Nnu Ego protested, ‘my father released his slaves because the white man says it’s illegal. Yet these our husbands are like slaves, don’t you think?’

Money and children don’t go together: if you spent all your time making money and getting rich, the gods wouldn’t give you children;if you wanted children,you had to forget money and be content to be poor.

Men- all they were interested in were male babies to keep their names going. But did not a woman have to bear the woman-child who would bear the sons? ‘God , when will you create a woman who will be fulfilled in herself, a full human being, not anybody’s appendage?”

Under white skins, just as under black ones, all humans are the same.

“Your girl is only a girl. You cannot prevent a girl from marrying anybody she likes.’

“Look, this is Lagos, not your town or village.”

LESSON:  You don’t own anybody.


The story starts off on a day when we meet Nnu Ego on her way to commit suicide by trying to jump off Carter bridge. This was in 1934, at the time when Nigeria was still being colonized by the British. Nnu Ego as we are made to discover later had just lost her four old week son Ngozi. The one that showed the world that she wasn’t barren after all, yet just after four weeks, he died. Nnu Ego has decided to go and confront her chi(a small god that is believed to control the fate of its individuals in the ibo tradition) in the land of the dead. Her first attempt at marriage had proved futile as her chi(a former slave girl,who was killed by her father’s sons forcefully) was taking revenge by refusing to grant her a child. Luckily, Nnu Ego is saved by a friend, Nwansukor. But as a result of her shortcoming as failed woman; following her people’s tradition, Nnu Ego loses her pride and self-worth and before long, falls into a deep state of depression. With time and through the help of her childhood friend Ato, she returns back to her normal self. She receives a message from her chi through a dream about her possibility of bearing another child and as many more as she likes, only on the condition that she must suffer to care for them.This happens as Oshia is born. Nnu Ego feels honoured now as a wife and mother because she produced a male child. This time she vows to make sure nothing goes wrong with her new born and hopes that someday, he’ll grow to be a “big man” and will in turn care for her in old age. She believes this is the reward that comes with mothehood; so that you’ll have somebody to call your own and rely on in times of need. A lot more happens in the story with Nnu Ego who in the beginning seemed a failed woman to her people, now having lots of children, with two sets of twins in between. On the other hand, her second husband Nnaife is a man who Nnu Ego doesn’t feel the need to show respect. Not only did he not meet up to her expectations in terms of his physical appearance, but he also failed to live up to his responsibilities as husband and father. The only thing Nnaife was good at was making babies that had needs he couldn’t cater to. Again, following customs and traditions, he added more to his problems by bringing in his dead brother’s wives and children as part of the family.But customs and traditions evolve with time, and Nnu Ego and Nnaife have refused to understand and accept this until they have to learn it the hard way.

Buchi Emecheta narrated the story in a third person omniscient voice. Through Nnu Ego’s experiences, she exposed us to what gender inequality is like and how it affects the family and society in general. Reading the book, it sounded as if Buchi was speaking from a feminist point of view , as she laid much emphasis on gender roles and the value of women in a typical Nigerian community. The message she was trying to send was pretty obvious; a woman’s worth shouldn’t be determined by a man, or the amount or children, especially males one she bears.

The story is set in Lagos and Ibuza(an Ibo village). Comparisms are made between the two, letting us know how much influence the Europeans have had on us, thereby threatening our own values plus how a rural community differs from an urban community in its style, ways and operations. If anything, most times the rural community offers more protection and peace of mind when compared to the urban community.

Gender roles and inequality.
Women and feminity.
Culture and tradition.

The joys of motherhood is the fifth novel I’ve read from Buchi Emecheta.The others I read as a child, so I can hardly remember the stories. I’ve had this book in my possession for a long time and just decided to read it last week. Asides the fact that Buchi was able to address societal issues in an engaging way, I didn’t really enjoy reading the book. The manner in which some of the characters progressed was sort of annoying. Then again, I didn’t understand why an Ibo family would name their twins “Taiwo and Kehinde”(names given to twins in the yoruba tribe) and not be in support of Kehinde’s marriage to a Yoruba man. If Buchi had explained that it was some name they earned as pet names from the neighbors, maybe I would have understood. What’s more, some of the customs practised in the book, like the case of a young slave being forcefully buried alongside her mistress… for me, that was just pathetic. I couldn’t blame her for putting Nnu Ego through such torture and pain, all in the name of motherhood. “The joys of motherhood indeed”, that was an ironic title.” She died all alone, with no child or friend around her”, where was Malachi when this happened? He was supposed to be in the village with her, keeeping her company.These and many more put me off while reading this tragic story.
In all, I liked Buchi’s simple and straightforward writing style. You didn’t have to think much about what it was she was trying to say. The messages were pretty clear and simple. There were times I could even predict the next line of action.

Considering we are about to celebrate mothers’ day in the month of march, I recommend that you get a copy of this book for yourself and your mother or anyone you count as mother. Not only would it be a good read, but it’ll let you see the pros and cons of motherhood, thereby making you appreciate all mothers out there.

I’m using this medium to send a big shout to all mothers and most especially all Nnu Egos out there. God bless you and reward you in the way society cannot reward you. Amen

Feel free to leave comments if you’ve read the book.




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The rays of the sun came slanting in through the window. The soft afternoon breeze blew in gently,sweeping its fingers lightly across my skin. I sat on the bench and watched the clock that stood firmly in its position on the wall. And at each strike of its hand, I could observe seconds grow into minutes and minutes into hours.

“Ahan ,Jumoke, are you still waiting?” a voice squeaked from behind the room. It was my friend Nkechi. I could easily recognize that soft tiny rat-like voice from a mile. “Are you still waiting?” she repeated as she came closer to where I was seated. Before I had the time to reply,Nkechi spoke again almost immediately, “See my friend, time isn’t on your side. You’ve been here waiting for something that we aren’t even sure you might get. Why not choose from what is available, must it be that one?” “No!” I screamed, not able to control the anger that was beginning to fuel up inside me. This startled Nkechi. I could see the astonishment she held on her face. “I’m sorry, but no”, I repeated trying to sound remorseful. “I know what I want, and I’m not settling for less.” Nkechi who by now had reached her peak of frustration just stood there confused not able to say anything. She was exhausted, it was obvious. She had been persisting all morning that I go for another dress. “It doesn’t have to be that one. There are so  many other dresses to choose from Jumoke. They might even turn out better than what you want”, she had said that morning. “But you heard the shopkeeper didn’t you? They’ll have what i want in stock by 7pm this evening” , I had answered adamantly.

As she stood there looking both confused and annoyed, I turned to look at the clock. It was 3:30pm. I had been doing this and my eyes was beginning to grow weary from the continuous stares. My body felt stiff and I ached badly all over as a result of being in the same position for so long. “If only the dress would arrive before time”, I continuously wished to myself. ” “Why not go home and come for it the following day”, Nkechi suggested.”I know, but what if they run out of stock before I return the next day. You know they usually have limited stock. At least you saw for yourself, none of the other dresses fitted me perfectly, that’s why I need to wait for this one. It’ll be the best dress for me”, I pleaded with her ,hoping she wouldn’t press further. “Best dress kwa! Argh, Jummie, you’re one stubborn girl indeed. It’s not fair na. Look at the time, we got here before others and now we are the only ones left. It’s not like I got the dress I wanted, but do I have a choice? Moreover what’s the guarantee that the new stock will arrive today. Be reasonable na”, she pushed on, her voice sounding like the squeak of a rat that had just walked into a trap and was trying to get itself out. I cast my eyes at the clock again. The long hand was on 10 and the short hand on 4. It seemed like time had suddenly decided to go slow in its flight. I cursed silently for a while because of this, then diverted my attention back to Nkechi. “I think you should go. I don’t want to be the reason for your delay. I don’t want -” “Okay, okay. I’ve heard. I’m going. I’ll give you a call as soon as I get home. But if the dress doesn’t come, pick another one o, don’t continue waiting, because I know you”, she replied cutting me short. It was as if she had wanted me to give the go ahead all along. As Nkechi picked up her bags to leave, she added, “Life is like this o my friend, if you don’t get what you want, take what you see and manage it, ehen. I don’t like the dress I chose, but what choice do I have, so be like me, bye bye.”

“Be like me, be like me.” No way was I going to be like her or anyone else. I had seen so many young girls like us walk into the shop that day with a clear picture of the kind of outfit they deemed fit for themselves. And when it wasn’t available, after much persuasion from the shopkeeper, they opted for something else. Most times, it ended up not matching their tastes nor needs. I didn’t want a dress that didn’t fit. I had tried so many dresses that morning and they were either too short, extremely long, ridiculously tight or annoyingly loose. When that wasn’t the case, then they probably didn’t complement my skin tone ,or made me look fatter or thinner than normal. One of the the dresses almost met my desire, except for the material; it was made of silk, and I hated silk.

“If that’s the dress you really want, then you’ll have to be patient and wait until we have it in stock again”, the shopkeeper had told me that morning. “When will it be available?” “Hopefully by 7pm today”, she had assured me. It was 10:05am at the time. Nine hours had stretched out longer than i’d expected it would. In fact, it was beginning to seem like it would last forever. I peered at the clock for the hundredth time, it was 4:10pm. I yawned from time to time due to the fatigue that was beginning to set in and as I did this, I silently counted and wished the seconds would walk by faster.

“My dear, I didn’t know you were still around, why don’t you go home and check back with us tomorrow. Your dress would be available by then as promised”, the shopkeeper’s voice alerted me. I must have been dozing off, for I didn’t notice her walk by. “I’ll wait ma. I don’t want to take any chances, I’ll wait till 7pm”, I answered turning to look at the clock again. “Alright then”, she said as she bent round to return to her former position.

“I’ll wait for that dress. It’s the one I really love, so no matter how long it takes, I’ll wait” , I thought to myself while gazing at the clock. The time was 4:35pm.

LET’S TALK LOVE with ellie


Creds: artbyellz

Hmmm, love, love, love. This love thing. One minute it’s like you’re walking in the clouds and the next it’s like you just had a great fall, feeling weak, sore and really exhausted from it all. Love is all we need. This is true, but how can something so valuable be both good and bad for one’s health. If you ask me, I’ll say the toxic effects far outweigh the therapeutic effects of the love medicine.


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So many people out there, both young and old have at some point in their lives experienced the pain that comes with lovesickness; that state where you find yourself feeling down and blue because you’re yearning for love or missing a loved one who is far away or wanting love again badly after a breakup. In most cases , the sicknesses are temporary and fade on their own. But if it stays for too long like in Zainab’s case from the story “Love Sickness”, you may want to consider seeking professional help and advice.

What are the signs, how do I know I have this sickness, is it even an actual condition?
Yes it is. It’s very real and has become so common and widespread. As a result of this, much work and study has been put into it and it is reported that this form of sickness could pose serious long term health issues if not seen and attended to early enough.

In 1979, Dr. Dorothy Tennor coined the term “Limerence” to describe this psychological condition.

The signs or symptoms that could be used to tell whether or not a person is suffering from love sickness are pretty obvious and do not need clinical tests to be noticed. They include:
1.) You experience sleeplessness, loss of appetite or stomach upset. These may sound like the symptoms of flu, but they’re the first signs that come with lovesickness.
2.) You notice that you feel physically ill, feeling weak and tired most times even when you haven’t engaged in much physical activity.
3.) You experience difficulty in breathing.
4.)You feel nauseous and have a desire to throw up from the stress.
5.) You feel as if something is lost or missing in your life and has left a hole, a truly deep hole inside you.
6.) You feel alone most times and even when around others, you find it hard to communicate and connect, probably not wanting to talk about your feelings.

It is important to know that the symptoms associated with lovesickness can sometimes mirror that of heartbreak at the early stages and depression at the later stages. The way to distinguish both is that, a person with depression tends to express more psychological and emotional responses such as hopelessness, lack of enthusiasm, worthlessness and in worst cases suicide. From this, we could say that along the line, Zainab went from being not just infatuated with love, but also to being highly depressed.

So I now know that what I have been going through is nothing other than love sickness. How then do I heal myself of this miserable wonderful feeling?

Just like most common ailments,the treatment of a person with lovesickness is pretty simple. You just need to exercise patience while you undergo therapy and healing, and with time, you’ll notice that you feel whole again.
That being said, here are some of the remedies and ways to help you get through your current state:

1.)Eat healthy: As tempting as it is to snack on junks and fast foods, your body needs good wholesome meals at this period. This is to help you stay in the right shape and frame of mind. Eat healthy foods and have fun being adventurous by trying out new recipes you’ve either fancied or seen in cookbooks. Not only will this have a beneficial effect on your mental and physical health, but it’ll also serve as a source of distraction from the negative thoughts running through your mind.

2.)Stay hydrated: Take plenty of clean water. Avoid drowning your sorrows and pain in alcohol. This will only prolong and worsen the feeling. Water isn’t just the best healthy option when it comes to drinks, but it’s also highly refreshing and much more satisfying.

3.) Treat your body with love: Love is what you need at this very crucial stage of your life. It’s why you feel this way after all. Instead of waiting on somebody else’s love and affection, why not nourish yourself with that much needed love. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get off the couch. Go do something that makes you happy. Engage in worthwhile activities. Better still, try doing things you haven’t done before. This could be a form of sport or art. Channel your energy into positive things, things that’ll help improve both your mental and physical state.

4.) Get lots of sleep: According to an old report on CNN, studies have shown that sleep clears the brain of toxic substances. So try as much as possible to clear your head of worries and fears by getting lots of good sleep. And how do you do this? By simply having a healthy and regular sleep pattern. Remove all forms of distractions such as the TV, computer, videogames etc from your room. Set designated off times for your phone. Ensure that the room’s temperature is just right for you. Go to bed every night at the same time and wake up every morning at the same time. Good sleep and rest is a very essential part of healthy living.

5.) Declutter: You recently broke up with this person. Chances are you still have some of their stuff in your possession. This could be photos, love cards, messages etc. It is advised that you get rid of them by either returning them or disposing them. You might even have a few novels, movies or songs  that remind you of this person. Clean all of these things out of your life. Having things that constantly remind you of a person that left you or has refused to return your love doesn’t bring the person to you, it only make you feel really sore.

6.) Engage in positive thinking: Everything isn’t sweet and rosy. We know that. But it really helps if you start seeing your life in a different way. There are so many benefits attached to the single life. I mean, you have your space, freedom, no arguments etc. You have all of your time to yourself. And there are so many positive things you could do or achieve in these times. Doing these things will in turn make you feel happier, and when you feel happy with yourself, you begin to have a sense of appreciation for yourself. Noticing all of these and the effects they have on you will make you want to improve more on yourself as an individual. You’ll want to be seen as a person with integrity and a high sense of self-responsibility. A person who can independently and singlehandedly run their life. All of these are good things.

7.)Leave the house: Leave the house and spend time with other people. Meeting people shouldn’t be for the sole purpose of dating. You need company, and the way to get this is by meeting and interacting with people, maybe at workshops, seminars, gyms, libraries, the mall or even your place of worship. Connect with family, especially if you’ve cut them off.

These are some of the ways in
which you can help yourself through lovesickness. But if after trying these, you still feel you can’t cope, please seek medical assistance immediately.


Start by loving yourself first.

Till I come your way again, this is elliedaily wishing you a happy valentine’s day.💕



She couldn’t believe it. Had she not told him that she had made sure to protect herself. Zainab had been diagnosed with a very common disease, one that could only be contracted out of sheer carelessness. The words of the doctor came ringing back in her head as she could hear him saying, “I’m sorry Miss.Zainab, but you’ve just been diagnosed with a very severe case. And this might require our having to keep you here until you get better.” “But doctor…” Zainab had tried to respond almost in a shout while holding back the tears that burnt her eyes. “H-How could you be so sure I have…?” “Well, from what the tests indicates, including the symptoms you’ve exhibited, it’s quite obvious that you are suffering from a severe case of “Limerence”, the doctor replied sounding somewhat indignant. She couldn’t blame him, who was she to question his judgment. “Limerence, limerence?” Zainab thought to herself as her eyes rolled round the corners of the office room as if in search of something. “Lime-rence”, she tried to pronounce the word thinking she would find its meaning by doing so.”Please, I do not understand what you mean by the term doctor”, she finally blurted out, not able to hold in her confusion anymore. Dr. Akpan, who looked like he was approaching his sixties, with tiny strands of gray hair spread sparsely across his head looked up from the clutter of papers and files he had on his desk, his pen held lightly between his index and middle finger.
“Limerence, well it’s just a medical term used to describe a state of feeling lovesick, an involuntary romantic infatuation with another person, usually combined with an obsessive feeling of having one’s love reciprocated. This is exactly what you’re suffering from”, he answered in a tone that expressed more of pride and mockery than of sympathy. Couldn’t he have said that, just put it in a simple way, “Zainab dear, I’m sorry but you’re lovesick” Showoff much, she thought to herself, while trying to hide the hateful expression on her face, hoping that he wouldn’t get the hint. “Oh, so that’s it, I should have known better”, she answered trying to force a weakened smile on her face. “Yes, Miss. Zainab, that’s your present situation, and if you do not allow us admit you so we can administer proper treatment, I’m afraid things might worsen for both you and your family.” he paused for a while then added ,”You see, yours isn’t the first, we have numerous cases boys and girls alike. And we continue to warn the society of issues like this. What we do not understand is how you allowed yourself  become so addicted. And then you started losing concentration in your studies. You should have seen the signs earlier. Now look at you, looking all pale and worn out from the stress, you could be mistaken for an anorexic. No, we can’t keep up this way. We have to create an awareness among the society, especially youths like you. We can’t continue this way. Absolutely not.” Dr.Akpan went on already forgetting about poor Zainab who was supposed to be the center of his attention. Zainab, remained in the office chair too preoccupied with her own thoughts to listen to or hear Dr.Akpan’s voice. She was lovesick, she had been all along and as the days passed, she had allowed herself deteriorate. Thank Allah for her brother Ibrahim who discovered her on time and shouted for help from the neighbours, her corpse would have been on its way to the mortuary by now. What would her parents think or say by the time news of what had happened got to them. As she thought of all these, she felt really sorry for herself and this made her hate herself even more. “I’m better off dead without him. Nobody else would love a person like me, not after I  tried to carry out such a disastrous act. I’m a monster, I’m better off dead.” she repeated to herself in between sobs.


Lovesick illustration by artbyellz


Haven’t you noticed how God uses the smallest things or people to do big things. I was going through the contents of my phone and was stuck on a particular picture in which I had a mickey mouse customized T-shirt on.


It all started with a mouse, great things can also start with you

After looking at the picture closely for a while, my mind became centered on the drawing of the mouse on my t-shirt. I found myself thinking, “It all started with a mouse…” I had obviously seen that quote somewhere(can’t remember where exactly) but I couldn’t help but wonder, “It all started with a mouse Ellie, not a lion; the proclaimed king of the animals nor the elephant; the heaviest animal known or even the blue whale, who happens to be the biggest animal, but a teeny weeny mouse. And then, mickey mouse went on to be the most popular and most adorable animal character from cartoons. Looking and thinking about this fact, it made realize something , which is probably a know fact: When it comes to calling, God’s calling for a mission or purpose, God doesn’t look at one’s age, size or importance. As long as He has chosen you for a particular course, He’ll give you the power you need to undertake such a course.
Let’s take the very good example of David and Goliath’s story from the bible. (1samuel 17).

Goliath a very tall and huge man(from the biblical description, it is assumed that he must have been 9ft tall) clothed in full armour came out daily for 40days, challenging and mocking the Israelites to a fight. Saul who happened to be the king of the Israelites at the time was highly terrified of Goliath. They cowered in fear (Saul and his people), while the Philistines continues to taunt them. Isn’t it funny why King Saul ,the obvious challenger for Goliath refused to take up the battle and defend his people. Not only did he have the necessary weapons needed for such a big battle, but he was almost as tall as Goliath. It was David , the youngest son of Jesse, probably a young teenager at the time that heard Goliath shouting out his daily defiance. This was on the day he was carrying out an errand which he was sent on by his father to feed his brothers.
Now the cowardly King Saul had heard much about little David, but it was only after much persuasion he finally agreed to David’s taking up of the battle against the Philistines and their giant.
Clothed in his simple tunic, carrying his shepherd’s staff, sling and a pouch full of smooth stones(this he got after careful selection) David approached Goliath ready to face him. As expected, the giant hurled insults at him,ridiculing both David’s size and worth as well as that of his weapons.
Imagine being confronted by a boisterous five year old, the thoughts that’ll probably run through your mind is of how you’ll get hold of him and then give him one or two spanks that’ll drive him to tears.
I bet it was the same thoughts that ran through Goliath’s mind. But David responded by saying, “You come against me with a sword,spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel whom you have defied.”
And you know how the rest of the story goes. In the end, the giant was defeated just with the hurl of a stone using a sling. Seeing their master had fallen, the Philistines had no other option than to flee for their lives.
Again what’s the moral in this classic biblical story? Yes, your size, age,amount of power or riches you possess doesn’t qualify you for a God-sent job. It’s the heart that counts. The bravery and courage of the heart. A heart that has placed its faith in the Lord. A heart that believes that when God assigns you for an action, He in turn shapes and designs you to be the right person for such. If such a big dream as the Walt Disney studios can start off with the animation of a very tiny creature, “a mouse” or the defeat of a giant and saving of his people (the Israelites) can be executed through a child, then instead of harbouring so much fear,worry or anxiety ,start believing that there is a God, and with Him on your side , you can achieve and overcome anything both big and small. After all, God wouldn’t put you to deal with things you aren’t capable of, or things that are above your power. So, know that whatever He has called you to do, He that has given you the assignment will definitely equip you with the necessary wisdom,skills, knowledge and power to accomplish it.
Dear friend reading this, I just want you to know that you’re not to small for big things. God is bigger than all your problems. Just learn to call on Him and believe in Him like David did and trust that He’ll help you overcome troubles, even those as big as Goliath in the smallest and easiest ways you or anyone could possibly think off.

Here are more verses from the bible related to stories where God used small things to accomplish big tasks. You can pick up the bible to see them and be inspired from the teachings and lessons they hold.

Exodus 4:2
Judges 15:15
1 Kings 17:12
Matthew 13:32
John 6:9
1 Corinthians 1:27-29
2 Timothy 2:20-22


TITLE: Gifted Hands
AUTHOR: Benjamin Carson
GENRE OF LITERATURE: Inspirational/Biography/Autobiography
RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
FAVOURITE QUOTE: “The key to success is to , “THINK BIG”
MONTH READ: February 2016
Did I like it? Yes
Reason? Filled with fascinating stories about himself and his work,Bens shows us that anyone is capable of leading an extraordinary life. You just have to be willing to give what it takes ,believe in yourself and most of all God.
Would I read more by this author? Yes
Would I encourage others to read this? Of course…


From inner-city kid to renowned Neurosurgeon, Dr.Benjamin Carson narrates his rather inspiring tale of how he went from being a failure as a kid to being a success as a renowned Neurosurgeon at a young age of just 33.
Faced with so many obstacles mostly set by life, He shares his insights on how he was able to overcome them with God on his side and through the influence of a very good mother, Sonya Carson. Through his story, we are made to realize that everyone can do something but only by learning to give one’s best and believing in God.

The path to success is filled with so many things such as, obstacles( which could be in form of family, friends or even you), peer pressure, critics, naysayers, having to make smart choices etc, for this reason, it is essential to rely on Him in all that we do.

Apply these to your life and you are bound to see positive changes

“You ask the Lord and He’ll help you.”

“If we place our faith in the Lord, we will always be safe, safe in Jesus Christ.”
                                           Pastor Ford

“If you ask the Lord for something and believe He’ll do it, then it will happen.”
                                          Sonya Carson

Lesson: Be thankful for the smallest things in life, things that we usually take for granted such as the ability to swallow, walk, talk, see etc. There are people out there who suffer in life not from being poor or not having enough, but from not being able to function or lead a normal life as a human being.

“If you can read anything honey, you can learn just about anything you want to know. The doors of the world are open to those who can read.”
                                       Sonya Carson

“It’s what inside that counts most. Anybody can dress up on the outside and be dead inside.”
                                        Sonya Carson

“I know a lot of people who dress better than I do, but that doesn’t make them better.”
                                           Sonya Carson

Lesson: God will always provide for your needs in miraculous ways. Just be good in all that you do and this will eventually rip off positive benefits for you.

“We don’t always get what we want out of life.”
                                            Sonya Carson

“I have sunshine in my heart ,regardless of the conditions around me. I’m not afraid of anything as long as I think of Jesus Christ and my relationship with Him and remember that One who created the universe can do anything. I also have evidence- my experience-that God can do anything ,because He changed me.”
                                              Ben Carson

We create our destiny by the way we do things. We have to take advantage of opportunities and be responsible for our choices.
                                            Sonya Carson

Lesson: There will be times when you’ll fail and times when you’ll succeed. It’s the way life works. When you fail, do not be deterred, instead try to learn from it,find out where mistakes were made,what went wrong and why it did. Apply your lessons to your next feat and you’ll see improvements.

“Great things are going to happen in my life, I just have to do my part by preparing myself and being ready.”
                                          Ben Carson

Lesson: Doesn’t matter how late you start, if you’re willing to give your best at whatever you choose to do,you’ll reach such high points than anyone would imagine.

Sometimes if you fail at something repeatedly, even after putting in your best, it might be a sign that ,that isn’t where God wants you to be. Ask Him for direction in times like this.

Influence can get you inside the door, but your productivity and the quality of your work are the real tests. It’s not what you do/who you know but the kind of job you do that makes the difference.

The kind of job you do doesn’t matter, if you work hard and do your best ,you’ll be recognized and move onward.

If you’re good ,you’ll be recognized. Because people no matter how prejudiced will always want the best.

In whatever career path you find yourself, be it a TV repairman, musician, secretary or surgeon, you must believe in yourself and your abilities.

You might not know this , but God has an overall plan for your life and He’s working out the details as you go by.

Everybody in the world is worth something.

The Lord would never get you into something He couldn’t get you out of,so stop spending excessive amount of time worrying.

We’re capable of doing even better things than we believe we are, only if we challenge ourselves to it.

No knowledge is wasted.

Learn to spend time with the ones you love. Try to create a balance between your work life and family life. In the end ,they are what matters most to us.

The key to success is to, “THINK BIG.”

Ben encourages youths to know and understand that contrary to what the media portrays, musicians and sportsmen aren’t the only people designed for success. You can be successful in just as any other field. Just try to look at yourself and find out what your God-given talents is/are. When you are able to recognize these talents and accept them and work with them in the way God wants you to, you are sure to reach that desired level of success in your life.

It is important to know that applying the principle of , “thinking big” as explained towards the end of the book doesn’t mean you wouldn’t face challenges. Rather ,it’s the way you see them ,either as stopping forces or climbling blocks that truly determines whether or not you’ll win or lose. In other words, to be successful at whatever you do, you have to be determined that you’re not going to allow anything stop you from reaching the height God has set for you.

Get a copy of “GIFTED HANDS” by Ben Carson and read it, you’ll gain a lot of insights and you’ll be thankful for this.

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You think no one is watching
Everyone is watching
Both far and near
They sit to glare and stare
They watch with so much wonder
‘Cos the things you do make them ponder
They’ll say the good and the bad
Things that’ll leave you feeling glad or sad
They’ll sell your stories to the papers
Just hope and pray that they aren’t the haters
For we know stories could be false or true
Nevertheless, be mindful of what you do
You think no one is watching
Everyone is watching