Haven’t you noticed how God uses the smallest things or people to do big things. I was going through the contents of my phone and was stuck on a particular picture in which I had a mickey mouse customized T-shirt on.


It all started with a mouse, great things can also start with you

After looking at the picture closely for a while, my mind became centered on the drawing of the mouse on my t-shirt. I found myself thinking, “It all started with a mouse…” I had obviously seen that quote somewhere(can’t remember where exactly) but I couldn’t help but wonder, “It all started with a mouse Ellie, not a lion; the proclaimed king of the animals nor the elephant; the heaviest animal known or even the blue whale, who happens to be the biggest animal, but a teeny weeny mouse. And then, mickey mouse went on to be the most popular and most adorable animal character from cartoons. Looking and thinking about this fact, it made realize something , which is probably a know fact: When it comes to calling, God’s calling for a mission or purpose, God doesn’t look at one’s age, size or importance. As long as He has chosen you for a particular course, He’ll give you the power you need to undertake such a course.
Let’s take the very good example of David and Goliath’s story from the bible. (1samuel 17).

Goliath a very tall and huge man(from the biblical description, it is assumed that he must have been 9ft tall) clothed in full armour came out daily for 40days, challenging and mocking the Israelites to a fight. Saul who happened to be the king of the Israelites at the time was highly terrified of Goliath. They cowered in fear (Saul and his people), while the Philistines continues to taunt them. Isn’t it funny why King Saul ,the obvious challenger for Goliath refused to take up the battle and defend his people. Not only did he have the necessary weapons needed for such a big battle, but he was almost as tall as Goliath. It was David , the youngest son of Jesse, probably a young teenager at the time that heard Goliath shouting out his daily defiance. This was on the day he was carrying out an errand which he was sent on by his father to feed his brothers.
Now the cowardly King Saul had heard much about little David, but it was only after much persuasion he finally agreed to David’s taking up of the battle against the Philistines and their giant.
Clothed in his simple tunic, carrying his shepherd’s staff, sling and a pouch full of smooth stones(this he got after careful selection) David approached Goliath ready to face him. As expected, the giant hurled insults at him,ridiculing both David’s size and worth as well as that of his weapons.
Imagine being confronted by a boisterous five year old, the thoughts that’ll probably run through your mind is of how you’ll get hold of him and then give him one or two spanks that’ll drive him to tears.
I bet it was the same thoughts that ran through Goliath’s mind. But David responded by saying, “You come against me with a sword,spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel whom you have defied.”
And you know how the rest of the story goes. In the end, the giant was defeated just with the hurl of a stone using a sling. Seeing their master had fallen, the Philistines had no other option than to flee for their lives.
Again what’s the moral in this classic biblical story? Yes, your size, age,amount of power or riches you possess doesn’t qualify you for a God-sent job. It’s the heart that counts. The bravery and courage of the heart. A heart that has placed its faith in the Lord. A heart that believes that when God assigns you for an action, He in turn shapes and designs you to be the right person for such. If such a big dream as the Walt Disney studios can start off with the animation of a very tiny creature, “a mouse” or the defeat of a giant and saving of his people (the Israelites) can be executed through a child, then instead of harbouring so much fear,worry or anxiety ,start believing that there is a God, and with Him on your side , you can achieve and overcome anything both big and small. After all, God wouldn’t put you to deal with things you aren’t capable of, or things that are above your power. So, know that whatever He has called you to do, He that has given you the assignment will definitely equip you with the necessary wisdom,skills, knowledge and power to accomplish it.
Dear friend reading this, I just want you to know that you’re not to small for big things. God is bigger than all your problems. Just learn to call on Him and believe in Him like David did and trust that He’ll help you overcome troubles, even those as big as Goliath in the smallest and easiest ways you or anyone could possibly think off.

Here are more verses from the bible related to stories where God used small things to accomplish big tasks. You can pick up the bible to see them and be inspired from the teachings and lessons they hold.

Exodus 4:2
Judges 15:15
1 Kings 17:12
Matthew 13:32
John 6:9
1 Corinthians 1:27-29
2 Timothy 2:20-22


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