Author: Tim LaHaye
Genre: Christian books/ Self improvement
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Page count: 366
Month read: April 2016

Favourite Quotes:


Many people  go through life acting a part on the basis of what they think they should be, or how they want they want people to see them, rather than as they really are.

Everyone has weaknesses.

A mature person is one who is sufficiently objective about himself to know both his strengths and weaknesses and has created a planned program for overcoming his weaknesses.

No christian can be mature in Christ, steadily filled with the Holy Spirit and usuable in the hand of God unless he regularly feeds on the word of God.

God never forces his way into a person’s life, He leaves it to an individual to decide whether or not to receive Christ as his Saviour and Lord.

You are never too old or too far for you to change. God is for you and will give you all the help you need. It’s up to you.

The joy provided by the Holy Spirit isn’t limited by circumstances.

We shouldn’t expect what the Bible doesn’t promise.

No matter how intelligent a person is, when he gets emotionally upset, he cannot think in an orderly fashion.

Faith is more important than intelligence or talent.



Formally titled, ” Your Temperament; Discover Its potential”, Tim LaHaye’s “Why You Act The Way You Do” is a book that exposes the reader to the psychology of temperaments but this time based on a biblical perspective. Through the course of study, one is made to realise that everyone is born with a unique blend of temperaments. And these temperaments have a powerful effect on literally everything you do. There are four basic temperament types as discussed in the book:

Mr.Sanguine:  The guy who is usually considered to be the super extrovert. He’s lively, people-oriented but can also be very indisciplined and highly disorganized.

Mr.Choleric: The goal-oriented, hard-working, self-disciplined and very independent guy who at his weak times is very hot and quick to anger, most times dishing out cutting remarks to those around.

Mr.Melancholy: Also known as the “Artie Melancholy” as he is known to be the most gifted of all temperaments, having not just a very high IQ and analytical skills but also strong creative and imaginative capabilities. But in weak times, he is prone to occasional moodiness, fear and depression.

Mr.Phlegmatic: The nicest of all temperaments. Due to his calm and easygoing nature, he never gets upset. But his lack of ambition and drive leaves him to a state of constant fear and extreme worry, especially when he realizes later in life that the other temperaments have outdone him.


Tim LaHaye defines temperament(s) in his book as a combination of traits inherited from our parents. No one knows where it resides, but he thinks it is somewhere in the mind or emotional center( often referred to as the heart). He goes further to explain that no temperament is better than the other. Each temperament type has its own set of unique strengths as well as weaknesses. Also, no two persons has the same temperament type or blend of temperaments,each person has a unique blend of two or more temperaments with one being the primary or predominant temperament and the other secondary.

The objective of this book is to help you find out your temperament (a free temperament test which you can carry out is available in the book), its strengths, weaknesses and how you can manage and maximize these gifts to your benefit. And Tim LaHaye says the only way to achieve this is by inviting the Holy Spirit into your life which is done through endless prayers, constant hearing and studying of God’s word.

Why You Act The Way You Do is a must have for anyone who wishes to understand himself and others in order to improve his daily life, as well as relationships with people. It also educates you on the type of jobs, workplaces and partners suited for your temperament type.






Help yourself by getting a copy of this book from any book outlet available near you.


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