Photo source: pinterest

“Oh my God, it’s you. I cannot let you in right now. I’m not sure you’ll like it in here, I mean this place is a total mess” Leenie said, trying to hide from him behind the door. “It’s okay Leenie, I could help you clean up, if only you’d let me come in” he replied smiling at her. His appearance made her feel really uncomfortable. He looked like one of those angels her mom had frequently told her about in her bedtime stories as a child, all shinny and white. Those angels mom claimed were the ones who were committed by God to light and guide our way. 
Leenie remained at the entrance for a while before finally deciding to let him into her apartment. He had promised to stay and even offered to help clean up her mess, and she could really use some of that. She was a complete wreck herself, yet he had looked at her without disgust. He had talked to her without complaining. As she slid the door open, he walked into her shame with such confidence that was hard to believe.

It’s sad how love is seen these days; an opportunity that one should run after against all odds. And so, when you can’t give your best fight, you’re considered a loser. Love should be considered a visitor that comes knocking when you least expect it, but you welcome it anyway as it has decided to stay not minding the condition in which it met you and your home.


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