Photo Credit: Kit King( Canadian visual artist)

May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

I have searched to the depth of the earth
And I have found nothing as horrible as death
A man without a heart,
A man without time,
He comes and leaves without a sign

Oh death! What good does thou possess
Leaving family, friends and loved ones in tears
And smile becomes an enemy to thy face

Oh death! You find no love in change
You are worse than your name
One thing hurts me more,
You steal the good ones to an early grave
And allow the bad stay on for decades

Why do you have no shame?
Why do you choose to bring pain?
But hey, sometimes you bring happy tears
By granting some wishes for eternal rest
And most times you tell us to be prepared
Forcing us to live lives free of grudge and hate

Every man has a role to play on earth
Love and passion being our watchwords
Joy and peace, our best possessions
Making sure to see the good in every deed
For soon death shall come without regrets.

Moses Daniel C.©


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