You know how most girls like to be seen

as one of those beautiful flowers, such as

the sunflower, water lilies and the hibiscus

because of their soothing smell and shiny colours


Well, for me it’s quite different

I like to be seen as that flower

without those pretty soft petals

making  her look plain and unattractive


That flower that blooms in isolation from the others

taking delight in the bliss that comes from solitude

refusing to dance nor clap to the music from the winds

but ever ready to prick her slightest trespasser



I like to be seen as that flower

that has been modified into ways

suitable for her survival and an unending life

even when conditions thrown at her are unfavourable


That flower that has been able to

show  others that even in the darkest times

one  can accomplish great tasks … A  cactus

I like to be seen as a cactus flower