AUTHOR:Michelle McKinney Hammond

GENRE: Religious/ Motivational



ISBN: 13: 978-0-7369-1683-7

 Hey there friend! It’s been a long time since my last post on the blog. And I’m very sorry about that. I’ve been busy with school and all and it didn’t give me much time to create blog posts.

 Anyway, I’m back now and I hope I’ll be able to post as often as expected. But to be honest, not only did I miss sharing blog posts, I also missed you. Permit me to throw you kisses at this point. * laughs*
So let’s get to business right…

 Today I’ve a review on this lovely book I just finished reading recently. It’s titled , “Secrets of an Irresistible Woman”. Although if I were the publisher, I would have gone with a more suitable title such as “The Principled Woman”. Sounds cheesy? 

Anyway, I got to reading this book after my exams, and honestly it took a lot courage putting up this review. Maybe because my brother said I looked like someone desperately in need of real advice reading it. This obviously made me feel ashamed, but hey, it was true, I needed some advice hence my picking the book off the shelf to seek answers. And yes I got what I needed and even more from this awesome book, thanks Michelle. It is for this reason I have decided to share with you, just as Michelle did with me.


” Secrets of an Irresistible Woman” is a motivational book/guide written based on biblical references as well as the experience of the writer. Through her words one can tell how powerful  the author, Michelle McKinney Hammond is. In this book, she basically shares some of the secrets she and many other women alike, including our mums used in preparing and securing for themselves the kind of love every woman thirsts for, which is “true love”. And this love  she likens to the kind God has for us, a love that is willing to pay a price.

 The beauty of this book lies not only in the fact that each tip is backed up by a biblical example but that each chapter carries a short prayer at the end. Also toward the end of the book, one finds a study guide which makes it more or less like a devotional of some sort.

 Now, although the book’s theme is centered around issues relating to women; from exhibiting the right code of character to finding where you meet the needs of those around you, men can also benefit one or two from its contents as it also shares  valuable insights on what to look for or expect from your partner when in a relationship.

 In all, Mitchelle emphasized on the importance of godliness in a person as this is the only factor that can help one follow and live by the principles set in her book.

 So, if you’re a young lady out there who’s full of questions or doubts as to  “finding Mr.Right” , this book was written with you in mind as Michelle successfully provides all the necessary answers helping you get rid of such worries ,but instead focusing on what’s most important, YOU. 

 On that note, I employ every young lady out there, whether in the dating scene or not to grab a copy of  “Secrets of an Irresistible Woman”  and watch your life but most importantly your relationships improve tremendously.


– Don’t behave like you’re his wife if you’re only his girlfriend, and don’t behave like his girlfriend if you’re only his friend. Got it? It’s never smart to move ahead of the man’s or God’s agenda. Moving ahead only leaves you open to experience the pain of rejection.

-Jesus paid the price to redeem you. How much more should a mortal man be willing to pay to possess your love?

– A man must be willing to cut the cord between himself and mama.

-Don’t let the headiness of being needed by others cause you to neglect your own household.

– That’s what I say. C’mon, if our ability to breathe depended on a man being in our lives, the world would have an epidemic of dead women, and I would be among them. How about you?
 Please feel free to drop any comments you have about the book . Thank you.



  1. theanonymouscherif · November 10, 2016

    Hmm,that first quote caught my eye.Filled with wisdom.Thanks for enlightening us.


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