F: Hey Ellie, have you read “Kidnapped” by Robert Louis Stevenson?

E: Well, I started it one time, but got bored and as a result was never able to finish it.


We’ve all been there at some point…that awkward moment when you started a book hoping to see its end ,but contrary to that, you only managed to get through its first ten pages before  finally giving up. Today’s post is focused on this issue.

The book you see in the picture below is an example of such books I couldn’t really bring myself to read completely. It was given to me as a present for my eight year birthday, so you can imagine how long it has been standing on the shelf, wishing for another chance,anxiously waiting for it to be picked up once again, and this time hoping that its pages are completely devoured. And now you probably begin to wonder, “Thought you loved books, why should you say you weren’t able to read some?”

Author: Mark Twain

Genre: Adventure/Fiction

Page count: 431

Well, here are some of the reasons why I was never able to finish that book:

-The language in which it was written. It had this old American English feel to it and  because of this, I wasn’t able to relate.

-The size of the book. You see,when it comes to reading, just as with every other aspect in life, people have different styles. While some would rather sit up on a chair to read, using a table as support, others prefer to lay down on a bed or floor. For me, whichever way I read, I find myself holding the book. Considering this, you would guess that another reason why I must have dropped the book was because of its size.( Please see picture below). My hands would ache badly after about an hour or two of holding up the book to read while simultaneously flipping through the pages.

-Distractions. When you have to interrupt your reading to attend to other things such as school work and house chores, if you aren’t determined enough, trust me, you’ll end up not being able to continue with whatever it was you had picked up to read. Except of course, the author has found an intriguing way to keep the reader hooked with his/ her story. I guess this was another problem I had as at then. Remember I said I received this book as a present when I turned eight. And by now we all know adding another year not only comes with presents  but with more responsibilities as well. It was at this time I was being made to study for extra long hours in preparation for the popular common entrance examinations that will serve as entry into various secondary schools across the country.And for those schooling me, “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” was definitely a major source of distraction at the time.


Looking back now, I think I would have fared better with an abridged version of the book and  by now, would have known what eventually became of Finn. The point is, everyone, including the proclaimed book lovers have had some point in their reader lives not concluded a piece of written material. Although, some have made it an habit, when it happens this way sometimes, one shouldn’t feel guilty.

Books have been likened to people so many times; some having really catchy covers, bearing beautiful names, others looking like they would be of  great help to us and these traits in turn successfully draw our attention to them.So out of curiosity of wanting to see what they hide, we happily pick them up.But once we start exploring their insides, we begin to see that not all of them are as captivating as they posed to be and majority eventually proved useless. What happens next, we get bogged down and we drop them. Now, instead of having a prickly conscience about this or wasting so much time on that one book that doesn’t seem to bear the facts you really wanted, it’s better to move onto the next one that matches your tastes, thereby leaving you wanting more, because, just as you find yourself not getting along with everybody you meet in life, you’ll also see that you won’t find yourself going with the flow of all books you pick to read, and this is totally okay.



Feel free to drop  comments about books you never finished reading  and why it happened so…







  1. theanonymouscherif · November 18, 2016

    Thanks for the analogy in the last paragraph, it was a real eye-opener for me.I can’t believe it I never saw it that way all this while(maybe cos I have a hard time doorslamming relationships with boring people…I am learning sha).

    Uhmmm,books I have not completed.Let’s seee,uhmmm Crime and Punishment! Yes! Crime and Punishment! By Fyodor Dostoyevsky. it’s a detective classic and after struggling to get halfway of a book that really excited me before purchasing, I must say fiction is not my thing.Never for me again.I would just stick jejely with my essays and treatise books.

    Liked by 1 person

    • elitzone · November 19, 2016

      Lol, I’m glad you found it helpful. But there are some other fictional books out there you mind find interesting, crime and punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky shouldn’t deter you from reading fiction, it’s just one book…thanks for stopping by


  2. icegardens · December 14, 2016

    *uhmm hm* books I never got to finish are many. Cannot start listing…. Buh all the ones I finished I didn’t regret finishing 😊
    Great job Ellie!
    Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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