AUTHOR: Daniel Goleman

MONTH READ: July 2016

GENRE: Non-fiction/ Psychology

ISBN: 0-553-84007-x


This mapping offers a challenge to those who subscribe to a narrow view of intelligence, arguing that IQ is a genetic given that cannot be changed by life experience, and that our destiny in life is largely fixed by these aptitudes. That argument ignores the more challenging question: What can we change that will help our children fare better in life? What factors are at play, for example, when people of high IQ flounder and those of modest IQ do surprisingly well? I would argue that the difference quite often lies in the abilities called here ’emotional intelligence’, which include self-control, zeal and persistence and the ability to motivate oneself. And these skills, as we shall see,can be taught to children, giving them a better chance to use whatever intellectual potential the genetic lottery may have given them.

excerpt .


   Emotional Intelligence  by Daniel Goleman is one book that left me speechless. I was literally lost for words to say when I initially planned to review this book. Needless to say I was awed by the content of this great book, little wonder it carries the tag of a bestseller. All I know is that this has got to be my  favourite non-fiction read from the year 2016.

An aspect of psychology, emotional intelligence is something Daniel Goleman believes is overlooked by many in their everyday lives. Instead, society pays more attention to attributes such as having a high IQ and how this in turn aids one in achieving great academic excellence. But Daniel Goleman ( with the aid of other scientists)  through numerous research and findings has discovered that although a high IQ may guarantee academic success, it has little or nothing to offer when one is faced with life’s vicissitudes.

Based on this observation, he creates a call-to-action by letting society have a larger and clearer view of what intelligence holds and helping them realise that it goes beyond classroom learning.  The factors he holds responsible for this kind of intelligence as summed up in the book include: self-discipline, self-awareness as well as empathy. And this scheme of multiple intelligence is the theory he strongly advises should be applied in various places of meetings, starting with our homes before proceeding to areas such as schools and hospitals.

Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman was a profound read, as it depicted great wisdom and knowledge on the subject. I for one agree that this is an area of study that should be added to school curriculums across nations, as it would be of great value in helping us through various endeavours in life.




  •  For better or worse, intelligence can come to nothing when the emotions hold sway
  • Praying if you’re religious works for all moods, especially depression.
  • It is the combination of reasonable talent and the ability to keep going in the face of defeat that leads to success
  • Empathy builds on self-awareness, the more open we are to our own emotions, the more skilled we will be in reading feelings.
  • The failure to register another’s feelings is a major deficit in emotional intelligence, and a tragic failing in what it means to be human.



Please do get a copy of this book, not just for yourself but for a family member or friend, you’ll be glad you did.

And if you’ve read the book or have anything you’d love to say in general, feel free to do so in the comment section below. Your contributions are always welcome.


Do have a lovely week ahead, and remember to stay out of trouble.





  1. theanonymouscherif · December 5, 2016

    Uhm,first,Ella when am I getting the book?

    Emotional Intelligence is a book I am glad exists which stands toe to toe with the overglorified shitty metric of human intelligence tagged IQ.There is a new book that futher questions the standards and integrity of the mathematical evaluations of human ability.You can check brainpickings by Maria Popoova.

    I personally don’t think I have a high IQ and dont really care.After knowing about the multiple intelligence theory and discovering that intelligence lies on a spectrum,I have been liberated from society’s standards.
    In the end,morals and manners take the biscuit.

    Keep writing Ella

    Liked by 1 person

    • elitzone · December 7, 2016

      Hmm, after reading the book, I can’t disagree with you on this…and about the book…it’s been available, it’s a matter of how you get it


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