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I like to think that when I die and I’m buried,  my body decomposition occurs,  making me an integral part of the soil. And then,  although those who may have known me think I’m completely  gone,  a part of me remains here as I become one with the earth(soil) from which new living forms such as plants absorb their required nutrients,  so I get to be a part of their existence. Subsequently, various beings not excluding animals feed on these plants as a part of their diet for sustenance of life,  in the process unconsciously incorporating me into their essence. And then,  there are other times where the sky sucks up water from the earth,or I get blown by wind,  and particles of me mixes with the air,  and another part of me is taken into the atmosphere, thereby converting me again into another form of energy,  another form of existence…

In the course of all these,  although it’s evident that I’m no longer physically present, I like to think  I’m certainly still present but in other dimensions and therefore not entirely gone as many would have themselves believe, rather I’m still a great part of this huge entity and all the while I get to contribute immensely to the continuous growth cycle of the universe.



  1. Shola Ajayi · June 19

    Oh My Word!!! 👏❤

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