You see,  that’s the thing about society my dear. Always wanting to be in control. In control of how you act,  what you say or do and everything that has to do with your living in general. Many of you will totally succumb, this is okay,  especially if it works for you. But there are those of you that’ll say , ‘NO’. You’ll say no because,  you’ve seen that not all of society’s ways are best for your kind. Infact,  it prevents you from functioning at your fullest most times. This will lead you to exhibit random displays of insubordination. But society won’t stop there, obviously they want it ‘their way’. So they’ll do all they can to weaken you in order to gain power over you. Yes,  sadly,  they’re intoxicated by power. They’ll try to drain your voice, but knowing your kind,  this only pushes you to get louder. Such acts will definitely earn you many titles, labels. You’ll often be described as stubborn,  disobedient,  rebellious etc.  But if you understand and feel deeply right about whatever it is that you are or do,  then all of these factors shouldn’t be considered as reasons to relent, more so if it doesn’t affect the existence of another. In the end ,  society would never cease to forget you,  the only reason being that despite all odds…you remained STRONG.



  1. icegardens · July 3

    Thank you so so much Ellie!
    It was like you were talking about me………. .

    Liked by 1 person

    • elitzone · July 3

      I’m glad I was able to connect with you. Thank you too.


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