Sometime around the eve of the previous year, we hosted one of favourite writers (now author) on the blog. And if you remember, he promised us a book. Well guess what,  Ogundele Sherif has kept to his words by delivering with his new release titled, “From a Sniper’s Perspective”. When asked about FASP,  here’s  what he had to say in his words;

“FASP is a poetry anthology with little or no thematic concern counterbalancing the projection and reflection of reality. The topics therein take on a vast spectrum of complexions,  cutting from the sentimental and subjective to the timely and timeless.

Though written with stylistic  variance,  it’s greatly influenced by shifting circumstances present at the moments of penning the collection. It’s packed in its punch consistent elements of wit, agression,  humour and countercultural philosophy,  rendering it an overwhelming read in its slim electic totality.

What blows its bullhorn the loudest is “ Sniper’s Perspective” (to explore a singular facet to the title’s many connotations) ; the philosophically- seeming solipsistic view of an asocial who for one has forever nursed an aversion and skepticism at the behavioural mechanics of society as visible in the two categories of “AK-5” and “preach perfect”, both serving as proverbial blue pills.”

Interested readers can find FASP on 

Okada books



  1. theanonymouscherif · July 4, 2017

    Thanks Ellie

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