Don’t you love this piece that’s packed with both humour and wisdom? Well,  we sure do. Shola Ajayi is one writer whose body of work has succeeded most times in keeping us in awe. You could just feel the magic behind her words. We at elitzone love you girl. Please continue with the goodwork.  

P.S. This may not apply to readers from outside the country,  but here in Nigeria,  motorists tend to ignore traffic signs such as the zebra crossings. Contrary to what is believed,  when observed closely,  you often realise that even the so-called elite ones of the society are guilty of this crime. It seems as if people here just pick up a vehicle and decide to start driving without proper learning of and adhering to traffic rules and necessary road precautions. Road signs like these have been put in place for obvious reasons. It not only teaches you to exercise patience,  but also reminds you of the fact there others using the road as well. This involves both commuters and predestrians…

 So please,  when next you’re approaching a zebra crossing,  try to slow down( while observing if there’re persons trying to cross to the other side of the road) or come to a halt( if you’ve noticed any.)And as for pedestrians, this doesn’t mean a chance to catwalk down the crossing, these drivers have places to get to and this might sound harsh,  but they do not care what you look like or walk like.( Disabled and challenged individuals are excluded from this group). We all should endeavour to be considerate of others in our daily use of the roads as this reduces the chances of unlikely accidents and crashes.

Get to see more of Shola’s work @_sholaa__

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