Before picking up this book, I always had the idea that only those involved in the act of trade were , “business men”. Thankfully Rabbi Daniel Lapin has helped clear that up, as in his own understanding, everyone involved in the act of service, which in turn requires pay, no matter how menial the job may seem is into business.

Although, there were certain contradictions in his writing, one underlying goal Rabbi Daniel had was to break people’s minds from the belief that , “Money is the root of all evil”. Instead, he explains that the habit of not making money was where the sin lay. The Rabbi teaches the true concept behind money, and how it aids growth and development in general, doing so by backing up his arguments with relevant quotes/verses from the bible ( a book he sees not just as a work of history but as a guide to how the earth works).

“Making money is a spiritual activity” (secret 5, page 28) ; one of the top secrets of business Rabbi Daniel shares in his book, buttressing his point with the explanation that it( money) serves as a motivator( acting as a reward) that pushes  people to do things, thus serving others and  in turn serving God. As far as he is concerned, a good deed is a good deed, whether or not a reward is attached to it.

The Rabbi shared light on a lot of facts, adding some bonus tips on the ways one is likely to make it in the business world especially with the advancement of technology. Although there were aspects I didn’t entirely agree with, such as ,advice against going for professions suited to one’s interests or abilities, but instead just picking up anything in hopes that such persons get to fall in love with their jobs… One point that struck me most was where he mentioned the importance of language and culture and its potential effects on a nation’s economy. (Secret 13, Page 97). Please note that despite his plea against regarding money as evil, he definitely isn’t against engaging in charitable works.

This self-help/spiritual book , written in simple and straightforward language, with interesting illustrations as well as backup stories had me laughing through most of its pages, one would think I was reading a satirical work of fiction. I’d have loved to go on and on about its details, but that would be a spoiler for interested readers.

Have you read or heard about this book, or happen to have thoughts or opinions concerning this post and the topic in general, then get this conversation started by dropping off comments in the box provided below. Do have a success filled week and a financially abundant Christmas/New year in advance.





ISBN: 978-1-118-74910-4 

FAVOURITE QUOTE: Making money will become your calling ( Page 283/284)



Rabbi Daniel Lapin is a Jewish leader, author and media personality. He draws most of his influences from the bible, certain Jewish customs as well as major personal experiences. He’s happily married with a wife and seven kids.


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