Busy sidewalks, city sidewalks,
Dressed in holiday style,
In the air there’s a feeling of Christmas children laughing, people passing,
Meeting smile after smile,
And on every street corner you’ll hear.. Silver bells, silver bells
It’s Christmas time in the city
Rina-a-ling, hear them ring,
Soon it will be Christmas day. “
This song wafts into consciousness reminding one of the approaching Christmas.

Hello guys!
It’s that time of the year again! What time is it? It’s Christmas time! Are you ready for Christmas?
Christmas is one of my favourite time of the year, not only because I was born around the period surrounding the festivity, but because it’s always filled with so much joy and happiness. Whether you are celebrating a secular or religious Christmas, it’s the time that just seems to be filled with so much cheer. Children especially not only get to attend Christmas parties, but are sure to receive lots of gifts.
As we grow older though, it appears we begin to feel less excited about Christmas. I still do not know why this is so, but I think it can be attributed to the fact that we have so many responsibilities now as young adults. Due to this, we no longer see the fun in Christmas. But you shouldn’t feel this way,just because you are older now with a lot on your plate doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your Christmas.
If you are one of those who has lost the spirit of Christmas, do not feel sad and unhappy… here are some tips I gathered to help you make the best of your Christmas:

Spread joy : Anywhere you find yourself, be happy. When you hear Christmas songs, sing along. If you don’t know the lyrics, hum to the tune. Don’t be shy. This act not only helps you spread joy and happiness, you also enjoy every bit of it. Wish others a Merry Christmas (be mindful of who you say this to, not everyone celebrates Christmas). If you are not sure whether or not the other party celebrates Christmas, just go with “Happy holidays”. It’ll cost you nothing, plus it’s a way of engaging in an interesting conversation.

Relive the old times: Allow yourself to be a child again. Whatever you did as a child from going to Christmas parties just so you could see Santa Claus (Father Christmas), to getting yourself some new pieces for your wardrobe and even visiting that favourite aunt of yours, just to have a feel of her special Christmas dish, can be done.

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate: Add life to your Christmas. Get Christmas lights and put them around your house. Set up a tree and wrap it in lights and other ornaments. Try to be creative in your decoration.

Visit friends and family : The day of Christmas is a national no work day(except for some medical personnel and the likes). So take advantage of this time and visit friends and family. Try to enjoy each other’s company by engaging in fun activities.

You could also invite friends and family for the above.

Make videos and take lots of pictures with family and friends :this helps you store memories which you can always look back to and smile.

Watch Christmas movies: you could organize a movie night during which you invite friends and family over. Serve drinks and popcorn just like they do in the movies. If you want to save yourself the stress of doing this, then organize an outing to the movies with friends and family.

Do a generous act: the Christmas spirit is all about giving. Spread love by visiting an orphanage home and give them things. If you do not have money, you could give out some of the things you no longer need.

Reflect on the reason for Christmas : if you are not sure about it, why not do some research. In the Bible, you find the Christmas story in the gospel. Consider reading the chapters both to yourself and to family members as part of your Christmas.

Prepare food for the poor and needy: this could be done for those in the hospitals, cells, prisons and on the street.

Give to others: whether to your family and friends or to the less fortunate, spend some Christmas time giving. Gifts don’t have to be expensive, sometimes, just being by a person’s side, giving them words of love, encouragement, and support helps. We give in remembrance of the gifts of the three wise men to the saviour. Most importantly, we give because Christ first gave to us.

Spend time quietly being thankful for the gift of Jesus : Christmas is the day that we as Christians have set aside to celebrate the beginning of the greatest gift mankind ever received, so have a grateful heart.

Please be aware that some people can find Christmas time really hard, especially if a loved one is terribly ill, just died or there’s some family problem going on. For such people, do your best to comfort them and include them in your wishes.

Remember, your Christmas may not have white snow, or a huge pile of presents, or a wonderful choir singing Christmas carols at your doorstep, but your Christmas celebration and thankfulness is all that is required to properly celebrate.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the elliedailyblog to you. 🎅🎁🎅🎁🎅🎁


Throwback Thursday: picture of me from last year's Christmas



  1. Ovu · December 24, 2015

    Wonderful message,Amazing artwork….cute pix of u as at last year,though ur look as realli change compared to u presently….Bigger u ahead

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Samuel · December 24, 2015



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